New Daret, Farthen Dur, Brom Pictures

Thanks to Eragon.ATW.HU, we have twenty-five new pictures from filming on the Farthen Dur set. With this new update, we’ve have our first action-shot of Jeremy Irons as Brom, as well as a few new interesting pictures from Daret, Varden pictures, and more.

Daret 1
Daret 2
Daret 3 (monster head)
Daret 4 (lizard skins?)
Brom fighting someone (Ra’zac?)
Empire Army close-up
Single Empire Soldier
Urgal group 1
Urgal group 2
Urgal executioner
Urgal and Varden fighters
Three Urgals
Dead Urgal?
Three more Urgals
Urgal Quartet
Urgal Encampment
Mohawk Urgal by the Fire
Backpacking Urgal
Mini-helicopter (to show where Saphira is?)
Fires Burning
Varden Fighters
Farthen Dur Buildings
Cast and Crew Filming
Burning Liquid Pits
Filming In Acorn Buildings

The real good news is that Bob and I discuss these pictures and more on the upcoming episode 8 of the Shur’tugal podcast, which will release some time over the next few days! Enjoy!