We hope you enjoyed the pranks!

The site’s finally back to normal. I’m sure a lot of you’re happy. So, why’d we decide to mess with the site? Because it was April Fools Day, of course! And you all know that April Fools Day is the one day that you can be a complete jerk and get away with it! After last year, you should have known it was coming…

I must say, turning the whole website backwards was a lot harder than you’d think, but I finally pulled it off. I owe a big thanks to Allison and Tim from Shurty Fan Fiction for writing a few of the fake news posts. Big thanks to Joelle also, who was responsible for our lovely “Oz” promotional image as well as the letter from “Christopher”. If you were wondering – I was responsible for the Spice Girls news post, as well “Oz” post and both posts about myself.

If you missed out on the joke, we’ve archived it all on this page. And for safety and sanity’s sake, please remember that the following news posts were fake: Fox As Book III Cover, Eragon Movie Press Release, Book III Cancelled/CP Missing, Spice Girls For Eragon Soundtrack, Mike Flees Country, Mike Returns, and Ed Speleers as Dorothy.