New Eragon set picture

Thanks to Frank Feher, we now have a new picture of the set of Eragon the movie out in Saghegy, Hungary (or Sag Hill). The photo was taken by Gerald Roe, from what he says is his back yard. You can view the picture in high-resolution format here, or regular-sized here. We’re unsure which town this picture is of. If you have any set pictures of your own, or any kind of article scans, feel free to send them in to feedback at shurtugal dot com!

More? An update by Mat. That’s right, Frank and CJ have given us two more to marvel at. The first, (resized) being of contruction on the set, and the second (resized) of the beautiful Sag Hill itself.

Filming in Sag Hill is to commence on the 14th of October, and is set to end on the 4th of November (thanks to Edith for these dates). Thanks again to Frank and CJ for these awesome pictures, they also mention they are trying to snag a few more.