It’s official-Edward Speleers is Eragon

Edward Speleers, a 17-year-old British actor, has been officially cast for the role of Eragon in Fox 2000’s upcoming hit movie. The movie, which starts production on August 1st, is being directed by Stefan Fangmeier. To read the press release, which you can only find on here on Shur’tugal, click here. The release also mentions that award winning actors Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich, and Djimon Hounsou are said to be taking on lead roles. This is very exciting news!

Click here to read the official Fox 2000 News Release.

USA Today has an article that mentions Ed Speleers:
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Calling from Budapest, where filming is set to begin, Speleers says both the city and his film colleagues are "awesome. Meeting new people, people who treat you like they’ve known you for years."

"This is something I’ve dreamt about," says Speleers, who has been acting in school plays since he was 3.