Edward Speelers for Eragon?

Your guess is as good as ours! About a week ago, we received an email from a fan who claimed to attend school with 17-year-old Edward Speelers, reporting that he had been signed on as Eragon for the upcoming Eragon movie. The same claims surfaced on IMDB a few days later. Today, Daily Mail (a British newspaper) reported that Ed Speelers. Shurtugal reader Johnathan was nice enough to type up the article for us:

It’s the kind of break that dreams are made of. A 17-year-old public schoolboy, with no acting experience beyond amateur school productions, has been plucked from obscurity to win the most coveted role of the year. Along the way, handsome Edward Speelers (left (picture)), a border at £15,000-per-year Eastbourne College beat 180,000 hopefuls to land the title role in Eragon, a multi-million pound screen version of Christopher Paolini’s fantasy novel, which knocked Harry Potter off the top of the best-seller list two years ago. “You could say that Ed is Eastbourne College’s leading man. He’s just got this amazing charisma,’ his drama teacher Tim Marriot tells me. ‘Recently he’s played Richard the 3rd and Hamlet in school plays.’ Ed, who already has a large female following at the school, is the only child of Essex-based financial consultant John Speelers, 62, who is divorced from Ed’s mother, who now lives in Spain.

The article also mentions Jeremy Irons and John Malkovich as also being signed on to the cast of Eragon. Thanks to a IMDB user who claims to go to school with Edward, we have a picture. Please keep in mind that both the news and the picture may be false information and should be treated as a rumor until we have official confirmation or a dismissal of the rumor! Please send in any information/pictures you have using our feedback form.