Newest Alagaësia Newsletter

Christopher has yet again sent out another Alagaësia Newsletter to occupy our Inheritance-hungry minds. This newsletter basically consists of a brief update on his progress with Eldest and a quick look back on his book tour for Eragon.

Thinking back to my last book tours, the many airports and hotels become a blur. It is faces that I remember. The girl and her father who drove three hundred miles to my event; Mike and Robbie, young men who created fabulous Eragon web sites and ; the boy who carved an Urgal horn dagger, the fellow who invented an Eragon board game, the woman who loved the story so much she drew detailed pictures of the characters, and the many invitations to the senior prom!

You can read the full newsletter at our Newsletter Archive. Unfortunately there is no movie-related news this month, but I think it’s safe to say we can expect some in the next month or so! Also, as a quick note to everyone who emails in asking us about casting for the movie and other movie related questions – the only information that we have is what we post on the website. If it’s not on the site, we don’t know about it.