New Alagaësia Newsletter

Christopher sent out yet another one of his monthly Alagaësia newsletters today, bringing more news of Eldest:

“I am in the midst of revising Eldest. It’s a relief to have reached this stage. Though quite a bit of work remains, I can finally view the book as a whole. I am grateful to have the advice of my wonderful editor Michelle Frey. She points out what would be blindingly obvious if I weren’t bound so tightly to this epic that adjectives cling to my eyelashes and adverbs lodge beneath my fingernails. Her comments help me refine the story, distill it to its essence, and guide me back on track when I stray from my original intentions. To put it another way: editors clarify.”

Christopher also mentioned a little bit about Eragon, the movie:

“The movie adaptation of Eragon by Fox 2000 continues apace. I will soon have exciting news to share on this.”

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