“Project Zar’roc”

This being the first year that Shur’tugal.com has been around to celebrate Christopher’s birthday, and also Christopher’s 21st birthday, we decided that a small gift for his birthday just wouldn’t be enough… so we began brainstorming. After a few days of lots of thinking, we came up with a brilliant idea – getting Zar’roc forged for Christopher! Over the past week, with the help of our good friend Steven, we found a man who can forge Zar’roc, and do a darn good job too!

But then we faced a problem – which is where you guys come in. Getting Zar’roc forged isn’t going to be cheap. The man forging the sword gave us an estimate of around $300 USD for the sword. But that’s not all – shipping will also cost us another $100 USD. It isn’t cheap to ship a sword to Massachusetts, and then from Massachusetts to Montana, not to mention that laws say we need to ship it via UPS Ground Service.

What we are asking is for you to donate money towards the birthday gift. When you donate, your name will be added to a card (or more then one card, if we get a lot of donations!), along with a quick message you might have for Christopher, so he knows that you were a part of making his birthday present happen! We aren’t asking for hundreds of dollars in donations – even just $5 can help us out more then you know! You can donate any amount of money you’d like.

If you think you’re interested in donating some money to help us out, you can visit the “Project Zar’roc” donation page by clicking here. There are two ways you can donate money, both which make it convenient for everyone to be able to donate! We really need your help with making this happen, and we thank you in advanced!