Big Year Expected for Movie Merchandise mentions Eragon in one of its recent articles:

The studio said it also hopes to announce a deal with a major retailer during the Licensing Show to support the release of “Fat Albert” in December. Fox also will be soliciting licensing partners for “Ice Age 2, due out in 2006, as well as “Eragon,” based on the best-selling book by Christopher Paolini about a boy and his dragon.

” ‘Eragon’ has all the makings of a very big franchise,” said Peter Byrne, executive vp at Fox licensing and merchandising. “It’s the best-selling children’s book since ‘Harry Potter.’ “

This article discusses business licenses for various “hope-to-be” hit movies. The article discusses other movies, such as “Prizoner of Azkaban”, “Shrek 3”, “Spiderman 2” and “King Kong”. You can read the full article here.