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Exploring Eragon’s Guide to Alagaësia: facts, artwork and hints of future stories!

Eragon.   Eldest.  Brisingr.  Inheritance.  We of course know these titles as the four wonderful volumes of the Inheritance Cycle.  Since the Cycle concluded nearly four years ago, fans have been anxiously waiting for a fifth book set in the world of Alagaësia.  Author Christopher Paolini has already confirmed he plans to write a new story

A Guide to Companion Guides: The official companion guides of the Inheritance Cycle, including ‘Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia’ and ‘The Inheritance Almanac’

Many fans clamor for more Inheritance, clinging to the hope that Christopher Paolini will get to writing a potential “Book 5” sooner rather than later. Surprisingly, many of these fans are unaware of two official companion guides released by Christopher and Random House which add to and enhance the experience readers can get from the

New Inheritance Book Editions (Physical and Digital) and Inheritance Advertisements Hit Stores!

Eagle-eyed fans will have noticed the marketing push behind Inheritance (Book 4) beginning to ramp up, as new editions of already-existed Inheritance books have been released throughout North America. Additionally, retail stores including Barnes and Noble have begun displaying advertisements, easels, and more promoting the release of Book 4 in November as well as attempting

Random Buzzers Q&A with Christopher Paolini – Part 3

Christopher Paolini recently sat down to answer hundreds of fan-submitted questions in a forum style interview with Random Buzzers. The questions varied from the obvious “when does Book 4 come out?” to the not-so-obvious, netting us dozens of fresh and exciting answers from our favorite author. We spent hours collecting and sorting the hundreds of