You wake up in the morning, only to see this outside your window… What do you do?!


Here’s an interesting question: you’ve just gotten out of bed, still tired and groggy. You throw the curtains open… and see a massive, angry dragon headed right toward your city!

It’s clearly too large to be stopped by conventional means, especially in a world without any fantasy creatures! This thing is even bigger than Godzilla!

So… what do you do?!

Let us know in the comments! We’ll be choosing and featuring some of our favorites!

  • Pseudononymous

    Call the police
    Take pictures
    Use binoculars and see if there is a person on it

  • Jess Vincent

    fus ro dah

  • Joshua Williams

    I would go to my balcony if I had one with a chair and start tacking pictures and observing the creatures movement,if I didn’t have a balcony I’d open a window and do the same thing.

  • Hipeeps Ron

    Here’s what I would do:
    1. die
    2. be dead

  • Drottingu47

    I’d probably run around screaming… No one wants to recon with dragons. As Christopher himself said, “We humans are small and soft and deliciously crunchy.”

  • Morgoth of Thardszvul

    Also he doesn’t look like he is headed towards my city.
    Oh, and stay off the streets more likely than not there will be mass panic.

  • Morgoth of Thardszvul

    First I would wonder how it got there.
    1 It would’ve had to make a lot of noise flying?
    2 With all the noise how did I not wake up earlier?
    3 Why is it here?

  • bob

    i would shout ” VALHALLA!!!!” and run to the dragon and bite it, my Norse ancestors will praise me….

  • The13Inquisitor

    Praise the sun.

    Clearly I just woke up in the early stages of Demon Souls.

  • Liliana Yorgason

    Wonder where the city came from… I live in the country.

    Am I dreaming?

    If I’m dreaming, can I fly?!

  • Leighanne Ashley

    I will run to the nearest Viking shop and find a horned Iron helmet.
    On my phone I would play Dovahkiin theme song.
    Then I would run in front and shout FUSRODAH.
    I figured if I am going to die, I am going to have an EPIC death.

  • Tanner Shull

    I would go say hi of course. If you can’t stop it, make friends with it. Then, you don’t have to worry. Plus, it’s a dragon for crying out loud!! Who wouldn’t want to talk to it?

  • Kali Swichtenberg

    Like any sane person I would use the very limited amount of ancient language that I know and have practiced for 10 years for this particular moment and attempt to have an insightful discussion with him. His size clearly indicates that he’s been on this world far longer than we have and he obviously has wisdom to give

  • Tim

    Go back to bed. Maybe tomorrow morning with be less dragon filled

  • Erzuel

    So cool !
    Go closer and act like Mother of Dragons <3 Let's have a dragon-ride !

  • Tim Karber

    Grab a dictionary and see if I can talk to it through my thoughts.

  • Vish Coldfire

    site and stair and rub my eyes then run out to it too see what it wants

  • Sam Inskeep

    Go and get myself a Gedwëy Ignasia, of course! That works in real life, right? I just have to touch that beast!

  • DisqusWeasel

    Wear a hot dog costume and lead him to step on all the people I don’t like

  • Eline Fransen

    keep watching it, all amazed and wondering what kind of Dragon it is: Friendly, Wise and able to communicate/reason with people. Or the Angry, looking for destruction kind of beast.

  • Hannes Overeem

    mmmmh, i think i’d try to get as close as i can, such a big dragon surely wont notice the ant coming towards him. get a grappling hook or 2 while on the way and climb it. surely i can live that way, and i get a nice experience of riding a giant dragon 😀

    • Build a nice little cottage on its back! He’ll never know!

  • Jelena Đurić

    I’d probably feed the beast over his eating possibilities, cuddle with it, love it adopt it and train it ❤️❤️❤️ Of course, world domination from the back of my pet sounds quite reasonable 😋

    • I wonder if anyone could tame a dragon that big and that mean looking?

  • Mike Wrench

    Cry, then eat my fav meal. Might as well have something satisfying on the stomach before your inevitable fiery death.

  • Super Nerd Miles

    Rejoice because something I’ve only ever dreamed about is actually real, and begin to prepare for the inevitable changes in the world.
    Wait, you mean the dragon is angry and going to attack? I dunno, probably keep my head down and hope it’s not targeting me specifically. It’ll probably be a few weeks before the Varden march a dragon egg through my city, assuming the dragon leaves a city to march through, and I’m pretty helpless until then.

    • That looks like the face of a dragon that’s angry, hungry, and ready to attack!

      • Super Nerd Miles

        So does Saphira’s, I would imagine, but that doesn’t mean that she’d ACTUALLY attack a random innocent. And depending on where I live, there could be a better or worse chance of my building being spared. And I’m not dumb enough to run away, that actively paints a target on my back.

  • kayli_the_werecat44

    Vard iet breol, thae reise iet sverd un hlaupa eom du verrunsmal!!!
    (guard my family, then raise my sword and run to the fight!!!)
    that was all in the ancient language!!!

  • Amos Lobel (Minecraft)

    Probably check in every book i had whether they mentioned any creature like that, and then react accordingly

    • kayli_the_werecat44

      eka weohnata tauthr ono!
      ( I will follow you!)