The Future of Shur’tugal

Many of you comment and email to ask us – what’s next for Shur’tugal? With a good amount of time to wait before we even know the name or release date of Book 4, what are we going to do with Shur’tugal? There certainly is a lot of room for expansion and improvement, and after a good amount of brainstorming, we’re ready to announce our tentative plans for the future of

We have compiled all of our thoughts, ideas and goals into one easy-to-read blog entry on our Development Blog. Our main focus is on making the main page of Shur’tugal more relevant, up-to-date and captivating by focusing our attention largely on news, commentary, opinion columns and more. We’re also discussing our plans for a content shift to Shur’tugal’s Inheritance Wikipedia as well as unveiling plans for Shur’tugal’s sister site, a fantasy book and movie review and news source.

So we invite all of you, our visitors, to read our blog entry and contribute your thoughts, feedback, constructive criticism and ideas to help us build the future of Shur’tugal to be what you want it to be.

You can read the full blog entry at