Newest Alagaesia Newsletter

Christopher Paolini has released yet another Alagaesia newsletter, bringing us fans up to speed on the latest “inside” news, both good and bad.

In the newsletter, Christopher lets us know that he’s in the editing phase of Brisingr and explains how even a scene that took days or weeks of time to bring to life, cut from the final manuscript. He also explains his thoughts on the cover of Brisingr, saying: “It feels right for the book too; Brisingr is the longest and most intense entry in the series so far, and [John Jude Palencar’s] art reflects that.”

Christopher also dedicated much of his newsletter to his family’s dog Annie, who recently passed away. He goes on to explain that Annie was the backbone inspiration for Saphira in the books.

As always, you can read the newsletter in its entirety on our Alagaesia News archives page.