New Book Review: The Alchemyst

We are proud to release our newest book review for Michael Soctt’s epic fantasy, The Alchemyst.

The Alchemyst is a fast-paced, action-packed fantasy which takes place “today” in California. The story starts off like any good fantasy book should – Scott wastes no time beating around the bush and jumps right into the action. Sophie and Josh Newman are ordinary (or so they think) twin siblings, working summer jobs across the street from each other, when their lives are suddenly disrupted by a thousand year old prophecy made by one of the Elder Race, a race now regarded in myths and legends as gods.

In addition to our review, we will be running several contests to win signed copies of The Alchemyst! Check back soon for more information!00X00URL///?id=mandm/bookreviews/byauthor/scott-ta///_self