Eragon and Inheritance Cycle Movies

Eragon and Inheritance Cycle Movies

It’s the second biggest question in the community: When will we see a new Eragon movie? Well…

Eragon Movie Petition
We have created a petition to 20th Century Fox, the Inheritance Cycle film rights holder, encouraging them to reboot the Inheritance Cycle film franchise! Support this message by adding your signature.

Will there be another Eragon film? We’re still unsure. The rights to bring the Inheritance Cycle to the big or small screen are owned by 20th Century Fox. While they have no current plans to reboot the series, they are open to the project sometime in the future.

What can we do to help? Let Fox’s new CEO/chairman Stacey Snider know how much we want to see Eragon’s adventures come to life! Write to her at Every fan’s voice counts!

When will we see the next Inheritance Cycle movie?
We discuss future movies, how the Eragon movie didn’t technically fail, and answer a massive amount of fan questions about the films — past, present, and future.

Don’t worry: An Eragon movie reboot isn’t a bad idea!
We’ve seen some fans concerned about a new Eragon movie, and we also know that many are wondering exactly what a reboot entails. We ease your fears and answer your questions!

Eragon in Other Media: Could Eragon work as a TV show, miniseries, or animated movie? (Part one)
A movie would be great, but what about a TV show, miniseries, or animated film? We give you all of the details on how these could work and if they’ll happen!

Eragon in Other Media: Could Eragon work as an anime, graphic novel, or video game? (Part two)
Seeing Alagaësia brought to life as an anime would be incredible. Collecting volumes of Eragon’s comic book adventures would be epic. And exploring Alagaësia as a Dragon Rider in a video game would be the ultimate fan experience! We explore these options and tell you why they could happen.

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  1. Indra Aditya Lukman says:

    YEAH!!. we need eragon reboot movie. i think other eragon fans agree for this.

  2. LiteBosmark WoWs says:

    Also, they need to put Elva in

  3. LiteBosmark WoWs says:

    Eragon “movie” needs a reboot. Like why does Arya not have pointed ears in the movie? Im sure there are many ways to make realistic-looking pointed ears.

  4. Emmeline says:

    We should get Peter Jackson to do it paired with Paolini. He will stay true to it. And then the films per book will be the length of the books.

    • Eeltjuhh says:

      Yeah, I’m sure he could make the movie as amazing as the books.

  5. TheGildedDemon says:

    can we just redo the movie instead ?it missed so much

    • Cameron Sunshine-Longway says:

      that would be what is implied by ‘reboot’ rather than ‘continuation’

  6. Yousuf Farah says:

    I’d be okay with a graphic novel adaption written by Paolini or an anime.

    • Bethany H. Vela says:

      Ha! An anime would be really cool thinking about it! 😀

  7. Yousuf Farah says:

    I’d be happy with a mini-series not too long and not too short. The budget would have to be somewhere equal to Game of Thrones in terms of scope. Though i’d want Paolini to have the creative control.

  8. Wolf says:

    In the movie, in my opinion, the Ra’zac looked like ever-dripping piles of POOP with dreadlocks

  9. Wolf says:


  10. Teague Ricks says:

    they should redo the first ones more like the book than start a series

  11. Arya says:

    Come on guys we need to get Eragon up and running again I bet that most of us could be in the movie if we asked

  12. Dawnstar Firecrest says:

    No wonder they haven’t made a second movie, it would be worse than the first one because of all the important characters that are missing. It would be totally different from the book.

  13. Dawnstar Firecrest says:

    Also, Brom doesn’t even die the way he did in the book – sorry if that is a spoiler to anyone

  14. Dawnstar Firecrest says:

    The Eragon movie seriously needs to be redone. When I first watched it, I hadn’t read the book, so I thought it was super cool. Then I read the books. It disgusts me how wrong they got everything. Solembum and Orik are not in the movie, there is no distinction between dwarves, elves, and humans, the Ra’zac aren’t birdlike whatsoever. I could go on and on.

    • Arya says:

      Of course the ra’sac arn’t bird like its there parents that are the ra’sac are just like they are in the book

  15. Nathaniel Chamron says:

    Who exactly does the email go to initially? Is it sent directly to fox or is it sent to Shur’tugal people first?

  16. Jay says:

    James Cameron used the kind of effects in avatar that is needed in a awesome reboot for the full series that is justified to do it justice.
    Please remake this awesome book. If a picture is worth a thousand words and thousands of pictures make a movie then a great producer can make any awesome book into a grand work of art.

  17. Aneesh of the Beor mountains says:

    I’ve just sent an email. If any other voices join me, perhaps we may yet win this battle.
    (That’s a line Nasuada says in Eldest)

  18. Anthony Amato says:

    I wonder, can we get another petition going? It’s been 2+ years since the first one, so maybe if they see that thousands of people are still actively interested they will seriously consider a remake this time.

    • Aneesh of the Beor mountains says:

      I don’t think that Anime would be good.
      Live action would work better, and some CGI could be used for Saphira.

    • Arya says:

      Yes come on we need a new petition

  19. Zeke Boaz says:

    and magic

  20. Zeke Boaz says:

    if there is another movie, i say we should an anime, because it would help with the effects

  21. Ye-Sung Baek says:

    Also, an Eragon video game would be great, but it would most probably be animated, making it less realistic. Also, in a video game, you can choose what the character does and how the character does it, which would spoil the air of mystery and suspense. This would not happen in a movie, where timing is perfect to keep the audience on their toes. In a video game, if you fail and the character dies, you can (probably) go back to the scene and get familiar with it until you beat it, so you could memorise some tiny detail that is essential later on, whereas in the movie, few would remember that detail, so they can empathise with the character when they try to remember that detail. The precision of a movie cannot be replicated in something like a video game. As well as this, in most video games with spells, you start off with a range of spells to choose from, and you can’t use others, even when others are used in a movie/book. This would be terrible for a series like Eragon, where no one spell can be used any number of times, like it can in something like harry potter.

    • Claymore “Kelpie” says:

      A videogame has already been done!

  22. Ye-Sung Baek says:

    an animated movie of eragon would never work. There are some stories that are best in animated movies, but something like eragon would never work. The effort that has gone into this series made it turn out as something that is very specific as to what happens, and maintains a semblance to reality. An animated series would undermine that reality, making the movie much less exciting than it would have been. The same is true with movies like Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Kong Skull Island and Godzilla, all which have something magical or abnormal about them. Godzilla is proof of what Eragon could be as an animated movie, as in my opinion, it would be much more effective and realistic as CGI than as high detail stop motion.

  23. Amiarom says:

    i reed the books a lot and there is onepersonage that is so misteryous and is angela she is like always close to eragon an for me she is like his mother well she vanish and in her way she care for eragon

  24. shadekiller1996 says:

    i have read the books 10 times each and when i picture the characters i see them anime style. so i think a anime would be great. for people who dont understand: DRAGONSSSSS

  25. Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

    I also would chose legendary productions because their movies are the best.

  26. Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

    If you make 2-3 movies per book then you can see the characters develop.
    I saw the new independence day it was lame there was no script and the movie was rushed one thing after another constantly no time to get to know the characters who they are and who they were.
    Eragon should not be like this you need to know the characters to relate to them to understand them.
    I would like to be on set but because I would not wonder or add things to the movie I probably wouldn’t be wanted on set.
    ( ok I might wander or add a little in the extended edition but only in the extended.)

    • Ye-Sung Baek says:

      Yeah 2-3 movies per book would be neat

      • Aneesh of the Beor mountains says:

        Agreed. If it’s possible. Agreed

  27. Martin Burneo says:

    I would personally like a video game for each of the books and a movie for each of the books

    • Ima HugeFan says:

      I think there is a video game. But don’t quote me on that.

      • Anthony Amato says:

        There is a video game based on the movie. It’s pretty bad but I think better than the movie.

    • Ye-Sung Baek says:

      An Eragon video game would be terrible

    • Anthony Amato says:

      That would be pretty awesome. A video game solely based on the books would be sweet, if its done correctly. Maybe like an open world RPG like Skyrim.

    • Aneesh of the Beor mountains says:

      I think the game if made should be accessible by all devices. Especially computers

    • Nathaniel Chamron says:

      How would a video game work though? The story is already all set out. It would have to be set in the future or in an alternate timeline I think.

  28. Ruben Aguirre says:

    It should be a TV show…
    that way you can see the Characters develop….

    • Ruben Aguirre says:

      its to good of a story for a movie.

      • Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

        no it isn’t!!

        • Ye-Sung Baek says:

          A movie would be the best production, for obvious reasons

  29. Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

    THE movie should be good not lame its not Ben-Hur this is ERAGON

  30. Caleb Felton says:

    1. DO NOT deviate from the book. i don’t care if making energy flow and mind extensions are hard, thats what makes this SUCH A GREAT BOOK.

    2. In my opinion, the author should ALWAYS work with the director when turning a book into a film, like with harry potter, and look how well that worked! so PLEASE do it. a new Eragon would have me on the couch for HOURS watching it over and over. if each book got turned into a movie independantly, and then you get a box set with 4 discs (1 for each book) that would be the best case scenario. i really hope chris reads this because this series is my life

    • Caleb Felton says:

      by mind extentions i mean when he is searching out helgrind and other places for the ra zac and not finding them, or the mental battles.

      • Ye-Sung Baek says:

        I wonder how they would do mind battles and mind communication. Maybe they could record audio and overlay it on top of the sound of what is going on at the time, perhaps lowering the level of background sound so that we can clearly hear what is being said while also being able to sense what is going on, creating that idea of dual reality thats in the books

      • Aneesh of the Beor mountains says:

        Fave part!

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

      But they added things and did not put as much as the could have that is what makes the movie disappointing.

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

      make 2-3 movies per book!

    • Aneesh of the Beor mountains says:

      Hours watching eragon

  31. Dave Sobani says:

    A couple of things to keep in my opinion.

    1 I loved : Saphira’s design (not the magic growth spurt but the result,
    also her voice actor was perfect.((Rachel Weisz))

    2 Keep Ed Speleers ,Jeremy Irons , John Malkovich and Robert Carlyle
    they just fit the rolls perfectly.

    • du kuldr hafr says:

      i liked to voice to but they need a new movie and also Saphira needs new wings more leathery instead of feathery

    • Dan McNeill says:

      I had a problem with Rachel’s voice. I listened to Gerard Doyle’s resonant, throaty Saphira, Glayder and Thorn each with their own vocal personality and was spoiled by it. To me Doyle is the only one that can do the Dragons. It’s kind of like listening to listening to Jim Dale do the entire Harry Potter series then listen to the film characters. It just doesn’t sit right.

      • Claymore “Kelpie” says:

        You have to remember that the dragon voices are mental and not physical. As a result: there would be no vibrations in the sound and you can’t have a throaty sound if you are not using your mouth to speak. So really… Anybody could do it as long as they were a good actor.

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

      no they didn’t!
      Jeremy was the only good actor.

  32. Ivy Rain says:

    I just hope y’all follow the books this time
    The first one was disappointing

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

      It was a lot more than disappointing!!!

      • Ye-Sung Baek says:

        It makes you want to groan and shout at the directors for ruining the series for new readers/watchers

    • Aneesh of the Beor mountains says:


  33. Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

    Why don’t we send a movie petition to legendary studios and new line cinema and ask Peter Jackson to do the movie.
    Why not I say lets try it do you please answer this comment with agree or disagree

    • Caleb Felton says:


    • Martin Burneo says:

      Yes! the hobbit and the lord of the rings movies came out good with new line and Peter Jackson, why not ask them to team up with Christopher for the inheritance cycle?

      • Engla says:

        Yes! Do something about this, instead of just talking😂

      • Ye-Sung Baek says:

        The series is perfect as it is, and changing it would only aggravate people who grew up with it (altough mind battles would be extremely hard to do)

    • Aneesh of the Beor mountains says:

      Love LOTR

    • Claymore “Kelpie” says:

      You can’t because Fox studios own the exclusive rights to the entire Ergon series! So it would be illegal for anybody but Fox to make another movie.

  34. Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

    8 Don’t wander from the books
    9 Make Paolini help direct it
    10 IF the movie is another dud I’ll kill the director

    • Spiez6552 says:

      you know I like you already just cause of the points

      • Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

        You really think so?
        I might do well?

        • Spiez6552 says:

          lol shows u how often I use Disqus just saw this but I think u would do great.

    • Caleb Felton says:

      you should be on the set. thats EXACTLY what needs to happen

    • Martin Burneo says:

      Yeah you should be on the set, I would kill the director to

  35. Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

    4 Make each book into 3 movies (it’s needed)
    5 Involve the fans.
    6 Choose expert actors not new actors the movie should be top quality.
    7 Let the fans donate money to help with the movie Then maybe thank them in the end credit’s of each movie (the top 100 that is).

  36. Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

    1 Make peter Jackson do the movie his movies are great.
    2 Make the author involved
    3 Make Legendary or Lionsgate production help

  37. Corey Mott says:

    Yes for the love of god do the reboot I am a huge fan of the inheritance sequel and would love to see the movies follow the true story line as only Paolini could tell it.

  38. kai etringer says:

    like youtube videos

  39. kai etringer says:

    aybe mini movies

  40. kai etringer says:

    some people have no tv, unfare

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

      Then watch it in theaters a true Eragon fan would pay the money to see the movie.

  41. Shannon Hodgson says:

    A new movie would be great but maybe a TV show would be able to pay attention to the smaller details that movies sometimes overlook.

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

      Not unless you make the books into 3 movies each.

    • Tg says:

      thats also what i was thinking. It would perfectly fit as a tv show with around 4 seasons for each book. Please make this happen. If not i ll just have to read it again 😀 but a show would definitely be great.

    • Caleb Felton says:

      maybe a mini-series but a movie is definetly worth it. it just needs to be done to a high standard (like harry potter was)

  42. Nami says:

    Well, I’d really like to see the Eragon movie done right this time xD it wasn’t bad, but they left a lot of important things for future books (and movies) out

    • Morgoth of Thardszvul says:

      It wasn’t bad IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!

    • Martin Burneo says:

      It was the worst movie I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen some horrible ones

  43. Gladys says:

    I loved the movie eragon I would love to see the the other part of the movie, eldest ..there’s always going to be those who have negative feedback but you must not be swayed by that because there are millions of people who loved the movie and the books so iam for the next movie and if I have a vote I say yes.

    • Caleb Felton says:

      i vote YES. new movie, but only after the first is re made

    • Martin Burneo says:

      I’m all for a new movie, one about eldest, but first reboot eragon, then we’ll talk

  44. Evilgamer1337 says:

    I’ve actually been thinking about making my own fan-made version of a video game series based on the Inheritance Cycle.

  45. Caleb Pritchett says:

    I don’t want to see a movie again. I want to see a big budget live action TV show like Game of Thrones or Daredevil. Each season could cover a book or half of a book. This would give the characters the room to grow and the minor details could all be included.

    • Caleb Felton says:

      actually, thats a pretty good idea, but i still like being able to go through a whole book in 1 sitting, but this way you can focus on finer details. maybe 2 chapters and episode and 1 chapter an episode for really racy chapters (like the battle of Farthen Dur)

  46. jo whitmire says:

    honestly, everyone says that a new eragon movie wont sell good cause the books are old, but i think after book 5 comes out, the fans will be all riled up again and i think thatll be a good time to make the movie

  47. Eragon_Felicity says:

    Each movie needs to be 2-3 hours long just to get the book into it. Peter Jackson should do it because he did well on LOTR

  48. Eragon_Felicity says:

    the movie is bad but I like the pics from it well not all of Them and seriously no dwarves the book was plotted around the dwarves did any of the producers even read eragon

  49. Eragon_Felicity says:


    • Petesmurf says:

      Yeah, I almost barfed after about two minutes. 🙁

  50. Meghan Brown says:

    In my opinion, Eragon would do very well as a TV show.

  51. Tane says:

    What about the fact that many aspects of the book would be difficult to put into a movie? Eragon changing as a rider and due to the blood oath celebration, the dragons being CGI but not anyone or anything else, the magic, the many locations; Helgrind, farthen dur, the way the elves sung their forest to twist and grow into complex shapes, imagine how difficult it would be to put that into a LIVE movie, it would be both hard and also wouldnt look as good. UNLESS, they make the entire movie CGI, like when you play a certain games and the cut-scenes are very good graphic. Making the movie this way would make the whole thing 100 times better. When people get stabbed, cut, hit, and killed you would actualy see the swords and arrows going through their bodys and you would believe what your seeing. Its such an obviouse way of doing it, and I, and all of you know for a fact that this is the way to go.

    • Sapphire Quill says:

      It might seem tricky, but just think of what we’ve already seen from movies like The Lord of the Rings, Maze Runner, Harry Potter and even the Hunger games. All of those movies have had some serious CG put into them to make things like castles or impossible mazes. The nazgul riding their flying mounts, all of the creatures, moving staircases and magic effects from H.P. We’re capable of much more then that now. The characters and effects that would be required for Eragon have all been done and are very possible, with the right budget. All they need to do is smarten up and leave the story alone.

      • Engla says:

        Yes! Exactly what i thought! Think of the Ents in LOTR, if they were able to do that more than a decade ago, they should surely be able to have a few elves singing a tree into shape??
        And the Star Wars movies, did you know that in the first one, they actually DREW all the lazer by HAND!?!?!?!
        Get the right people, and you can fix anything.

        • Aarushi Dumir says:

          Acording to me, the movie lead us far astray from the book what with dragons dying if thier riders die (what about the concept of eldunari) and no dwarfs! But I agree, some of the pics are geat and others not but with better graphics any thing is posssible! My main concern is still the fifth book though…I realy wan’t it to come out in stores and quickly too!

          • Engla says:

            I just thought about this the other day, about having dragons dying when their riders die. I think the most important thing is to actually get Cristopher working with them! I saw a thing from hp. They had J.K Rowling working with them on all the movies, and once on the maradaures map (spelled wrong, I know) they showed Newt Scalamander’s name! This was ages before she even wrote the new book, but she had it in her mind. So cool!

          • Aarushi Dumir says:

            Yeah! That’s a great Idea. They NEED to get Cristopher to work with them! He can oversee things and define what certain characters should look like. Anway, I’m an HP fan too 🙂

        • Martin Burneo says:

          Yeah LOTR had really good shapes and appearances of creatures and characters and it was made over 10 years ago, You Shall Not Pass! that blast and the fall fit the book description perfectly the hobbit went even better so get new line, Peter Jackson, Christopher and lionsgate working on the movies FAST!

    • Jp9842 says:

      I think if they really absolutely needed to they could probably go to a movie like world of Warcraft that is coming out if they had enough money that would solve all of those issues

    • Caleb Felton says:

      yes, but it would have to be REALLY good quality

  52. Jp9842 says:

    What do you think about eragon modifying his body like some of the elves if he does what do you think he should do?

  53. Dragon King says:

    Christopher should be the director.

    • Jannik Si says:

      thats actually not a good idea, because hes an author and not a director. just let him participate as an advisor.

  54. Dragon King says:

    Also in the movie there was no Katrina or any mention of her!?

    • Yesenia says:

      There happened to be a deleted scene, when Roran says goodbye. Why it was deleted, God knows. The actor for Katrina was well selected, in comparison with some other characters.

  55. Sebastian says:


  56. Sebastian says:

    Also when Eragons “dad” dies he stays in Carvahall for a couple days but in the movie Brom and him leave right away. And I knowm this is a huge favor but can the looks of the Urgals please be changed. I would like them to be more Minotaur based creatures. Thats how I imagine them playing a huge role in the books and movies. I think them looking too much like humans is extremely odd. Please change and others respond if you agree.

  57. Sebastian says:

    I think they should do a remake of the first movie. they left out many important parts or changed them. For instance Eragon and Brom were chasing the Razak not being followed. Brom also dies by them in the book but in the movie was killed by Durza. Then in the book he was scrying Arya in his dreams. but in the movie Durza made him envision a false image of her. I really loved the book and would love to see them on screen. I am also in favor of a book V! The last book was amazing but left so many questions.

    • Clint says:

      I agree, but Umaroth and the other elundari gave Eragon the visions of Arya.

    • DestinyConqueror says:

      In a recent tweet that asked that if another movie was ever made that he would “Oversee it and make it more accurate,” he responded by saying “You bet I will.”

  58. Dave says:

    I don’t know why you all fancy Peter Jackson as a Director for Eragon so much. If you like his work, just go watch “Lord of the Rings”… but please skip The Hobbit, because that one is mostly CGI and he did not put as much love in it as in LotR!
    I would love to see a new director with the Eragon-Movie who could feature some fresh ideas not seen before! And, most important, they need a good screenwriter who knows the whole story of Eragon, so he knows where he is heading.

    • Eragon_Felicity says:

      I agree I think that we need a director who 1) knows what he is doning
      2) knows how to make CGI look good and 3) knows the story of eragon

  59. Joshua Stalls says:

    I so would like to see the movie with as much detail to story line and as the characters are described in the book brought to life on screen . and not be a let down like the first one was….

  60. Joshua Stalls says:

    From Lord of the rings. Sorry..

  61. Joshua Stalls says:

    Get Peter Jackson as director of movie. From lord of the day rings. And u will have a great movie….

  62. 121212 onetwo12 says:

    what does fox need to do to make a good movie?

    give the directing rights to peter jackson
    Atra du evarninya ono varda

  63. 121212 onetwo12 says:

    can i point something out: Eragon is Star Wars 4 with dragons


    You have been warned

    the evil villain who serves under the dark emeperor ambushes the rebellion so the main woman sends what she is keeping safe to where she knows an old person who had a large part in forming the rebel force is . Luckily, a boy ,who needed this to get away, who has never known his parents except from his mother who died in childbirth and who has been raised by his uncle and aunt and lives on a farm finds it. He goes to visit the old man who he thinks knows about his problem. while he is out his farm is destroyed and his family is killed. He then goes with the old man and he has to find a mode of travelling. They get a very precious mode of transport.they find the woman and get out of there but unfortunately they lose the old man who is part of the fallen order that was destroyed by one of there own. which the young man is now part of. they then fight a big battle in which they plunge the enemy into dissarray by defeating his army and killing his main servant.. unfortunately they haven’t killed the dark lord.

    Sorry for destroying eragon for you.

    • Clint says:


    • Frederik Himle says:

      i see your point but also it is brom ho is the father not darth vader and also stars dont have Magic and friken dragons and shit (i know not best comeback but the series is too good)

  64. kai etringer says:

    “Every fan of the whole cycle needs to watch the hobbit movie!!!!

    The new Eragon should be directed by Peter Jackson, he has done all of the Lord of the Rings and the hobbit and best of all he hasn’t ruined them!

    Partnered with Weta workshops he created the best dragon for the hobbit and I believe that he would do not only the dragons but also the elves and urgals justice

    Please share this message let’s make it happen!!” i agree

    • Amanda Burton says:

      just work on physicality with the actors give them ear points and wigs voila an Elf! they kinda took a cool approach to the dwarves though. 😀

  65. kai etringer says:

    every idea is great but the tv thing.

  66. Jeffrey Francis says:

    just finished book 4, great series. i think an animated film/series would be great. the physical features and movements of the elves urgalgra and dwarves would be to hard to capture with people even through prosthetics for a non-animated film/series. i love the idea and i hope to see headway soon

    • Kirito The Black Swordsman says:

      If the film had a large budget, i can see them going down a Lord of the Rings route.

  67. Nena Kryger Rasmussen says:

    hey everyone, i just finished book number 2 and i am waiting until pay day so i can get my hands on book 3-4, i am so addictet now!!! lol!!! i saw the movie a few yeras ago and then again a month ago, and i have allways loved the movie, and was so sad about there not being more movies, but now that i have read the first two books i can clearly see that they dont match, but i do ike the actors in the movie, and i kinda still like the movie.. but i so hope they would start making the movies again but this time make them like the books instead…

    • Eragon_Felicity says:

      Whoa you LIKE the movie

      • Engla says:

        It’s a good movie… It’s just not Eragon.

  68. 121212 onetwo12 says:

    this is set during the war between the varden and the empireI think that there should be an Eragon video game called ‘Alagaësia’ that is like skyrim. It should be a free roamer and at the start you choose your race. then a dragon egg appears to you (You can set its colour) and you go around doing quests. you can join the empire or the varden and fight in all the battles from the Inheritance cycle. you could also feature places like voengard and i think that this would make a great game.
    other idea:
    a free roamer set after Eragon leaves Alagaësia. we could also fable up a new war to be part of. Finally, you can follow eragon and leave Alagaësia to find him. this finishes the game an starts the credits but you can still play on.
    A third idea:
    ditto but in the fall of the riders (ditto means ‘as above’)
    A fourth( and maybe final) idea:
    an Alagaësia version of Star wars battlefront II. from the fall of the riders ans on voengard to the downfall of the empire at Uru’baen heroes could be riders and brom, arya, orik, hrothgar, murtagh, islanzadi. you could also have evil heroes:
    Murtagh, galbatorix, the ra’zac and durza
    say which is your favourite:

    • Kirito The Black Swordsman says:

      Idea 1
      With a cast of the books characters as well. You can go to the forest and train with the elves and Orimis. That black smith(can’t remember name) can make a sword for you as well(you can pick the style/colour). The original story would require minimal tweaking to have an original character that follows Eragon.

      • 121212 onetwo12 says:

        that is what I was thinking the problem is noone will get to see the idea. i was thinking maybe leave out a few characters but also you could learn magic like shouts (if you have played skyrim) and also you make the sword controlled by Rhunon

        • Kirito The Black Swordsman says:

          I don’t know about shouts, but having a star-based skill tree for the ancient language would be cool.

          • Eragon_Felicity says:

            I love the first idea I would emprove a few things but I like it

    • Clint says:


  69. Amelia Shadeslayer says:

    I so desperately hope they make a move that FOLLOWS THE PLOT and doesnt make stupid change and doesnt dumb it down… I also feel like book 5 should give Eragon a better ending such as ending up with Arya etc. :3 I mean even their dragons like eachother! anyway thats just me luv y’all

  70. Richard Buie says:

    I so hope the movie is remade! I have read the books over and over (I have all 1st edition hardcovers, that I hope to get autographed one day) and even though I was dissapointed with some of the differences in the movie I still liked it. But the thought of a series of movies done right is awesome!

  71. Destiney says:

    I have read this book so may times i can summarize the entire series to a perfect T. However, when i watched the movie based off of Eragon, i have to say i was very disappointed. I feel that they should still make movies, but they should start over from scratch, and follow the book how it was written. I felt that the only thing the movie got right was the names and that Eragon did gain these powers from meeting Saphira. I loved the books, and i would love to be able to see it in a movie that actually follows how it is supposed to be.

  72. etan says:

    someone needs to get netflix to make it theyd do the best job of it

    • Kirito The Black Swordsman says:

      NO FUCKING WAY. They have destroyed The City of Bones tv show. It is awful and is in no way related to the books. I wouldn’t trust Netflix to work from a book after they ruined Mortal Instruments. If they can’t get one 350 page book right, how will they get four 600 page books right?

      • Eragon_Felicity says:

        LANGUAGE KID nobody listens to someone who cusses

        • Kirito The Black Swordsman says:

          Shut up old man your not my dad.

          • mo.nroe says:

            that doesn’t matter you still need to watch your language

          • Kirito The Black Swordsman says:

            Why? Because my words offend you in some vague way? I would love to tell you about all the shits i dont give, but im too busy trying to scold some random person for swearing on a forum. Who made you the fucking police of the internet? If it offends you, i have a simple solution. Ignore it like a mature adult instead of bitching about it online like a child.

        • Kirito The Black Swordsman says:

          I never knew my real father. My mother left me with my Auntie and Uncle and their child in a small regional community. I grew up hunting to feed my family and my cousin isn’t as good as me. I can swear as much as I want Brom!

  73. dragonflame says:

    they didn’t pay enough attention to the book in props also remember in the movie zaroc has a sapphire init in the book it states that it has a ruby

  74. Sidonee Billie Judith Gibson says:

    Every fan of the whole cycle needs to watch the hobbit movie!!!!

    The new Eragon should be directed by Peter Jackson, he has done all of the Lord of the Rings and the hobbit and best of all he hasn’t ruined them!

    Partnered with Weta workshops he created the best dragon for the hobbit and I believe that he would do not only the dragons but also the elves and urgals justice

    Please share this message let’s make it happen!!

    • 121212 onetwo12 says:

      umm.. he missed tom bombadil… is that good or bad. i like how i imagine bombadil and i wouldn’t let peter jackson ruin him

      • Kirito The Black Swordsman says:

        I don’t think they could have made Tom Bombadil relevant to the overall plot.

        • Engla says:

          Yeah, in one behind the scenes he talked about Tom Bombadil, and about not having him in the movie.
          He said that they couldn’t actually find a reason for him to be in there. He doesn’t really have anything to do with the plot, he would just add time to the movie.

          • 121212 onetwo12 says:

            I prefer brotherhood workshops idea- lol 🙂

  75. Edahsrevlis says:

    Eragon (movie) has a 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s not only a horrible adaptation, but also a flat terrible film. I would wait until a passionate fan & established filmmaker approaches Paolini directly to create a film or TV series. Do not urge Fox to crank out a cash cow, because it still won’t succeed.

  76. Alan Slavin says:

    Right, I have held my peace on this subject for far too long.

    In my opinion the whole movie was wrong, starting with the main characters these are only a few reasons.

    Eragon: Ed Speelers was the wrong choice completely, yet I concede that no 15y/o actor could be able to give the emotional portrayal as good as the book, but Speelers acting was staid and made eragon look more like a petulant child rather than someone who had lost everything. I feel Eragon also needed to be a bit more grubby and earthworn especially in fighting stances

    Saphira: Although Rachel Weiss’ mastery of her voice does bring some good saphira, her sweetness came over as cloying maybe it was how they reverberated it in post-production but I didn’t like it. On the CGI point or however they produced Saphira’s body they totally ruined her one word FEATHERS or feather like its is stated in the book that her wings were like parchment.

    Brom: although I like Jeremy Irons as an actor, his brom was no to my liking and the way his story progressed was even more worse than the acting, for instance Eragon figuring out within mere moments (as it felt in the movie) that brom was a rider, that immediately put a wrong taste in my mouth. Also the fact that brom died at the hand of durza.

    Arya: While Sienna Guillory may have beauty enough, her acting was also quite staid from what we were able to see(there wasn’t enough). Her facial features were not as cat-like as what I would have liked (I think it was the eye/eyebrow shape was wrong for me)
    Others may say that there are more main characters in the first movie like characters we didn’t see such as solembum and Angela and many more, but the fact that really made me not like the movie was the fact that the dwarves were not played by the likes of warwick davis (although I know he did have other projects such as Harry Potter he was finishing) and other actors of the kind. The lack of Orik is shameful for it was through him we and eragon learnt the inner-workings of the dwarves culture.
    On the subject of Angela, as one of the most intricate, offhand and bewitching characters, she should have been played by a actress with more acting credits than one cameo in a tv series(and I use the term actress loosely when calling joss stone one.) also if they do remake the film paolini and his sister should be the only people to cast angela or give the actor some back-thought.
    This brings me to the future and a new eragon movie(or any book-movie series)
    My only stipulation every single actor or actress should be given the set of books to read and the Directors and Producers should know the book back to front and take note of what events can not be removed.
    As J.K. Rowling herself has said about the Harry Potter movies even if they did every single thing in the book and and was double or triple the normal running time there would be something that still wasn’t right to the general public
    -Stated in her interview with Daniel Radcliffe, it can be found on youtube-
    Now my last word I am not very well written so sorry for grammatical and punctuational errors.

    • Thanos says:

      I think it would be cool if Peter Dinklage and Warwick Davis worked together on the dwarves(maybe one could be Orik and the other Hrothgar or something)

    • Engla says:

      Yes. Feathers. Dum, dum, dum.
      Dragons are called scale-flappers (skulblaka) for a reason!!

    • Eragon_Felicity says:

      I agree I think that Murtagh was okey though

  77. Eragon lover says:

    I’d give the movie 75% But the book, I’d give it a 1’000’000% I LOVE THE BOOK!!!!!!!

    Elrun ono (thank you) Christopher Paolini.

    • 121212 onetwo12 says:

      really? that far!! letta letta letta! hahaha
      Atra du evarninya ono varda

    • kai etringer says:

      I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the varden, then for alagaisia

  78. Daytona says:

    I honestly they should restart the movie series redo the first movie and continue with the rest of the series. I didn’t like the first movie very much i felt it didn’t follow the story very well. With today’s tech and stuff i believe we could make a better first movie and a good movie serie’s

  79. Lightning says:

    I don’t think there will be another movie. (spoiler alert) In the end of the movie, Eragon and Arya parted ways, killing most of the book. I don’t know how to put a setting in the next book after that event

  80. Blodhgarm says:

    And Eragon’s house was set on fire by the Ra’zac not Brom. And this is what the Ra’zac are supposed to look like not worm creatures.

  81. Blodhgarm says:

    not exactly like the book, because most movies based on books are not like that, and they still did good.

  82. Thomas Maher says:

    remake it axactly as book goes but with more time of eragon and saphira together

  83. Thanos says:

    If they are rebooting the series, they need to do it PG-13 and at least 2 and a half hours for each movie, otherwise it won’t stay true to the books

  84. Hannah Prakash says:

    I honestly think that creating a TV series for the inheritance cycle is way better than having a film series because then viewers would be able to understand the Inheritance cycle in more depth than a film could bring. That’s just my opinion guys

  85. Wolf Phase says:

    Okay so I’m a VERY recent reader of Eragon, finished it today infact! I have yet to read the others yet but i’m thoroughly excited for them especially after the amount of stuff packed into Eragon! Like I just said I finished Eragon today but it wasn’t just for the enjoyment of the book and the eagarness to go onto the second book. I had a plan for today which is finish it then watch the film to gauge how much difference there was and get a different perspective of the film. I wanted to finish the book so as not to spoil it for myself and I wanted to watch the film due to the amount of hatred towards it. I thought “It can’t be that bad, Golden Compass was alright. Not great but alright”. Hmm. Well, uhm. Just watched the film. Phew my god. What a load of shite. I was just constantly saying “No, no , no. That’s not right. How do- no” as things just played out to me in this mish mash of random crap. There was no character development worth mentioning as the interaction between Eragon and Roran was just forced, Saphira just hatching from the egg with no build-up whatsoever was borderline offensive and then she just fucking grows up because the got shocked from a cloud! I know dragons are made out to be mysterious in the books but the film gives no indication of this! There were many parts of the film which were just totally laughable due to their absurdities like when Brom said about Eragons ‘Destiny’. Are you kidding me…Where’s the build-up? That’s just it? Go to this place ’cause you’ve told to. It’s your destiny! How magical. I was reading the wiki whilst I had paused the film ’cause I was just in disbelief within the first 15 minutes and it said that it was ‘Loosely’ based upon the book. I feel that term has never been more correctly used than about this film. The visuals in certain parts look great I will say though, Saphira herself looks great too. Just a pitty really. I was expecting a film I could at least follow but I kept having to call upon the knowledge I’d gained from the book, which wasn’t particularly helpful ’cause the film just didn’t relate much at all. I SEVERELY hope that if there is another film or perhaps a lovely TV series in the pipeline that it gets given to a more suited bunch of people. I’d love to see it then. Can’t wait to read the next book now though! Rant over it seams.

    • Hannah Prakash says:

      I feel your pain

    • Progressed_Now says:

      I’m on the same boat as you, I finished book 2 yesterday and started on book 3 today. I’ve seen the movie and it was a disaster to say the least. No wonder it flopped like crazy.
      They need to turn it into a series like The Strain, which gives more time to get into the details (after all they say the Devil is in them) as opposed to trying to cram everything into 90 minutes of crappy film. Only this time to DO IT RIGHT. Cast the proper people (and that includes the races). And keep every single person involved with the 2007 film AWAY.

      • Wolf Phase says:

        Oh good! Glad you’ve enjoyed the book and i’m really enjoying this second book now! About 2/5ths the way through and it’s great, Christmas slowed me down though that’s not a bad thing! A TV series is so the way to go, a great film would be appreciated though a TV show could go into soo much more detail! Would be proper exciting 🙂 Yeah COMPLETELY change the cast. The guy who played Eragon made him look a bit of an idiot, gawping all the time. Eragon has his dim moments but he’s overall pretty intelligent as can be seen in the book. Thank you for the reply!

        • Progressed_Now says:

          Hey hey hey no dissing my beautiful young man. Wanna knock on someone, try Sienna Guillory. Arya is supposed to be drop-dead gorgeous, not that thing. Malkovich was wasted as Galbatorix and Irons was too young to be Brom.

          Having said that, unfortunately I don’t believe we will ever get to see a proper film/series. Hollywood only cares about money and seeing how the original movie was branded a total failure, the rest of it will never see the light of day. It stopped being about creating art a very long time ago, if it ever started at all.

          • Wolf Phase says:

            You know, you’re right. She looks more like the girl next door not the girl 5000 miles away living in a forest. I could have gone into a lot more detail but was too enraged really (Just a bit annoyed more than anything).

            I’d rather not admit that and hope for the best but again you’re more than likely right…I’d probably have to make it myself!

          • Progressed_Now says:

            Oh yeah I know how you feel. First I read the book and then watched the movie. Loved the book, got REAL pissed about the movie. I’ve never seen a bigger disaster, so many things wrong in one film.

            I spent more of the run-time triple-facepalming and I irritated my young niece beyond description because I took so long to explain all the individual disasters. By the end she was laughing hysterically because I was so irritated myself in the end.

            Btw when you make it, I’ll be Murtagh. I’m naturally crass and I don’t hold back. Yvonne Strahovsky can be Arya as she’s a spectacular brunette Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect. You can be Angela! Or Roran, if you bulk up (as he’s described as mildly stocky & muscular).

          • Wolf Phase says:

            Oh yeah I’m glad I did it in that order though, sort of. I had watched the film before but it was YEARS before so any memory of it was faded at best. I tried to find the extended edition to see if it had any improvements or extra development of everything but I couldn’t find it without having to buy it on DVD which seemed a waste quite frankly.

            I remember telling my sister about it roughly a day after i’d watched the movie and I could have gone on for hours! So much anger over it. I didn’t want to rage too much though.

            I would accept that if it came to it! She does look damn good though I imaged Arya with a longer face honestly though she has a fairly pointy chin so that would work too! I’d love to be Eragon! Dragons man…. cool as fuck!! I do have a gym membership so I’d best get to it!

            I’m very near the middle of the book now actually, talking of Roran. On the Secret Lives of Ants! I’m so damn excited about what’s to come 😀 Don’t tell me though!

          • Progressed_Now says:

            My name is Saphira and I have a drinking problem.
            Crowd voice: HI SAPHIRAAAAAAH!!!

          • Eragon_Felicity says:


      • Engla says:

        Make it a 3-4 hour one:) Like LOTR.

    • JustinConstantino says:

      the movie was apparently so bad that i cant even remember it… like seriously i think i saw it in theaters but i can barely remember a single image, which is strange for me because i remember lots of things and mostly in a visual fashion.

  86. Islingr says:

    When I watched Harry Potter films, I was dissapointed. When I watched Eragon, I was REALLY DISSAPOINTED. Film is horrible. Half of book isn’t in film. Arya haven’t got pointed ears, there are urgals without horns, and Saphira grows from baby to adult in five minutes. Eragon, Brom and Saphira’s journey is directly Carvahall-Yauzac-Daret-Gil’ead-Tronjheim. I’m totally FOR remake or mini-series or animated film.

  87. Zach Cozad says:

    Maybe a entire remake of the movie series starting with Eragon since the original movie was so bad.

  88. Jacob says:

    The movie has so much potential with the right director that truly understands the whole series.

  89. Cecelia says:

    Yess! A new book wold be great.I personally never get tiered of the Eragon series I read through first book about a thousand times.

    • elias montano says:

      what about the video game that kind of seems kool

  90. Dijon says:

    I agree with the comment below, however I haven’t seen the movie yet, therefore I can not say anything. Hoping for Book V though!!!!

  91. Angelinaisataco says:

    Saphira needs to be small and get bigger as the movie goes on.

  92. Cecelia says:

    It would be great to have a entirely new first movie or at least a drastically changed second movie because the entire story in the movie was messed up by the director sure there were a few parts that were originally ideas from the book like we’re Eragon found the egg ,who were the dragon riders,what charater was the oppressive king etc. But the characters are just traveling to a place in the movie not going to seek revenge like in the book so the charaters are boring and seem less motivated so that’s water was missing in the movie or at least that’s how the movie felt to a fan of the Eragon series like myself.

  93. Martin Lubchev says:

    Im sure that in Bulgaria with these mountines here, rivers and sea is the perfect place to remake the movie 🙂
    This will not be the first movie who is captured here… The hard things is to make the cities, we have a mountine like the Spine and it will be so easy to use it =)

  94. elias montano says:

    the movies I would watch whether good are bad but I feel if they do an Eragon game they should do it after book five and make the game as an RPG where you are a new rider who is forging a path of your own whether it be following Eragon, or someone else….

  95. Zoebean says:

    The movies of eragon and saphira only needs Peter Jackson to bring them to life to endear them to people as much as lord of the rings and the hobbit but I think with them it would be much much more.

    • Jeanne says:

      I agree, Eragon and the rest of the Inheritance Cycle are clearly written along the same lines of LOTR, and Sir Peter Jackson already has half the props and CGI needed for them.

      • Thanos says:

        I also agree, Sir Peter Jackson did very well with LOTR, and he is familiar with the type of fantasy(magical/medieval) that the inheritance cycle is set in.

  96. cat says:

    I want the next new eragon movie! But the makers gave up!

  97. Yesenia says:

    And include all the characteristics of the characters.

  98. Yesenia says:

    They should make a motion picture flim of Eragon because they could present all the magic and creatures that it contains.

  99. Bell Cranel says:

    If they remake a movie, I beg that they at least attempt to follow the book this time. I was disgusted by the ‘Eragon’ movie.
    Also if they decided to make an anime of Eragon, I’d be 100% supportive

  100. Ernest W Basinski says:

    Ernest basinski I say yes to this nut i want the movie to follow more closley to the books i have read these books several times over and remember ever last detail if i had the money i would remake the first movie and go from there also i think it would be a good idea if Paolini was there himself to make sure its done right

  101. Chris Courtney Martin says:

    I’m a screenwriter and this book series is so close to my heart. If someone green-lit this pitch, I would jump all over the chance to make it happen.

    • Yesenia says:

      They should make a motion picture flim of Eragon because they could present all the magic and creatures that it contains.

  102. Danielle says:

    allot of these i got from other people but some are mine…

    Eva green as Queen Izlanzadi
    Ashley greene as Arya
    Richard Armitage as Roran(i know hes a little old but…)
    and Helena Boehm Carter as Angela

    • Yesenia says:

      I propose Max Irons as Eragon and Brom should continue being Jeremy Irons (father and son working together awww, and to also consider the irony of Brom and Eragon BEING father and son). It should work.

      • Engla says:

        Hmm… Yes, does sound like a good idea! Kind of imagined Eragon as being a bit stockier, but as you said; It should work.

  103. ChristopherPoaliniamazing says:

    diary of a wimpy kid- huge success. why author was involved.

  104. Elizabeth Carter says:

    My brother and I are big, well HUGE, fans of the inheritance series and when we watched the movie it was a huge disappointment. I hope you guys can put a better movie together that is exactly like the books. I really support your ideas and really think that Christopher Paolini should be involved.

  105. Kelly Finley-Dalgleish says:

    I just dream of a reboot on the Inheritance cycle. Even just to see how it plays out.

  106. Robert William Rowe says:


    Firnen was one of the eggs that was captured by Galbatorix. His egg was green, and he didn’t hatch until Arya brought him to the Crags of Tael’neir when the war with the Empire had finished. He became the dragon of Arya. Firnen and Saphira mated, but Saphira had to leave Alagaesia. On cover of the final book.

    • Animorpher9 says:

      lol could have said spoiler first

  107. HJ Nam says:

    LOL yes

  108. Gregory Paul Reinhardt says:

    NO!!! I don’t want another movie! The movies ALWAYS ruin the books! Let’s just stick to what we know and love: the Inheritance Cycle.

    • Yesenia says:

      But movies tend to enhance the mental picture of the happenings of the book. Just watch the movie once you finish the book, and problem solved.

    • chair says:

      no there should be a movie so that christopher can get more fans witch means more money wich means more books

  109. angelika says:

    i so want people to appreciate Eragon and not make another crap movie that doesnt eve refer to the book in any way because the inheritance cycle is my life

  110. Joseph Malbrough says:

    I watched the movie and it made me want to read the books for it. Would be great if they do a remake and make it more like the books. Look how will the hobbit, lord of the rings, Harry Potter and several other books did when it was more along with the story of the book. I did notice on the movie it was not along the same story as the book, which made it disappointing. If it was to keep more in line of the books it will do great like the other book series that went to become movies. I am just one of the several people that enjoys watching movies with or about dragons..

  111. Lewis McKenzie says:

    I would love it if they made a reboot of Eragon, and thus the other 3 books so far in the Inheritance Cycle. I don’t like to make references but I have to, look at the Hobbit films. They have 4 films for 1 book, that’s impressive coverage of the book. Yet the makers of the movie Eragon have 1 film and have missed ALOT. Please do a reboot, and make the other films.

    • Santiago says:

      they made 3 films for one book, one book to rule them all.

  112. angelika says:

    I think they should redo eragon and make a sequel because i so love murtagh

  113. Firnen says:

    Another Eragon movie has to be made, I watched the one that is out now and it was really weird and it had lots of flaws.

  114. Paula says:

    I always dreamed of a reboot… I’d be the happiest person on earth if the series is given another chance in any media, and if Fox does it right this time, I’d be even happier

  115. Bárbara Maria says:

    when I was younger, I dreamed about the day that a new movie would be done. OMG, please, make it happen

  116. Kayla Instasi says:

    I can’t wait for the movies to come out. It make financial since for Fox to do it IF they do it right. I waited 11 years from start till the last book came out. I hope that Fox doesn’t wait until it is too late. There is every reason for the Movies to be a success. look at the Hobbit, Game of Thrones, heck even The Hunger Games series made money. With fans standing behind the Movies they would make Billions I’m sure.

  117. Richard890 says:

    it should be focused as a film series and for the lessor known characters to have their own TV series, I would like to see cross overs with major stars. See Eragon once in a while. I find it’s the only way.

  118. Mironiel says:


  119. hopolopo says:

    Hello fellow Eragon fans! We all know how bad the movie was compared to
    the books! So why don’t you sign this petition? has opened
    it! We are almost 50k who would like a remake of Eragon including the
    three franchises!…

  120. Slade says:

    Honestly I’ve considered becoming a producer to do exactly this, this series is my favorite and I hate how badly they messed up the movie. I really love the stories and I’d hate for Eragon to be the only movie they make. It was really a really sad attempt at a movie for this cycle and the books need justice for that bad of a movie. They completely changed the story and a lot of major characters were taken out. If you must at least make the movie in parts that way you don’t have to change it to a completely different story all together. The books were amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens next if the new books ever do get made. Do the fans a favor and fix it.

  121. best fan says:

    A great idea if it comes out I’m first in line to see!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Villads Ferdinand says:

    we need a new movie

  123. Mark Peterson says:

    Having finally gotten to, and through the last book. i must say, I’m not in favor of another movie. I just don’t think justice could be done to the books in film form. Leave it be. The books were amazing. Perhaps the new space series will lend itself to film better.

    • SilverGriever says:

      I agree. I think the book series would work better as a TV series than a movie. Like Game of Thrones.

  124. aryagirl27 says:


  125. Saphira4life says:

    yaaassssssssss the movie was crappy at it’s best. it needs to be remade by someone who ACTUALLY read the book!!!!!!!!!! all of it pissed me off it’s stupid how they made saphira look, were they too lazy to even pick up the book?! she’s even on the cover! i mean come on people was it too hard to cut a ping pong ball in half and glue it too his hand? it wold have looked better then a stupid scar!!!!!!! and wtf did they do to murtagh?! shame upon you SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D=<

  126. Kim Ashaari says:

    I am one of the Inheritance Cycle series`s fan…I owned all the books….even my ex who borrowed the book and never returned it back to me…i still bought the last series book again…because I love the series.. I like the storyline, the story is neither too simple or too complex…And I am really disappointed with the movie…too many changes…It is understandable that to make a better movie, u need a higher cost…but to compare…why in harry potter movie series, the changes are not much different than the books? (i have the HP series but not all) and why in eragon, the changes are too much?…totally different from what the author wrote…might as well change the movie title to Aragun..or something…(-_-)…the changes in the movie made the books look like an ordinary fantasy story…no wonder the movie did not make much money..(-_-) simpler terms, good books=good movie>>Love it !(^_^) / good books=bad movie>>Damn it!.(-_-)..if u want to remake or continue the movie series, please dont spoil the story…I saw some people who watched the movie but did not read the book said the movie was not bad…we the fans said it was bull-shit….if we the fans said the movie was good, they may said it is fantastic, that they may want to make the eragon ost as their phone ringtones…XD..ok…just a little bit of comments there… p/s- i like how luna lovegood and few others in HP book look the same as in the HP movie..and i hate galbatorix in eragon movie, he looked weak (must be voice tone), and not evil enough….sry for the bad english…and I am one of the Asian fans..

    • Engla says:

      Totally agree on Galby’s voice, it’s not “full of might” And just sounds weak.

  127. dragons says:

    i love that we can talk about eragon on this website because i made one of my brothers not want to read the series because i talk to much, so to him i just yelled BARZULE!!!!!!!!!!!! and he looked at me strangely.

  128. dragons says:

    murtagh was my favorite character in the books. i am so happy i just got the third and fourth books and eragon’s guide to alegaisia for my 13 b day. ne and better movies would be better and blieve it or not i was just thinking about it. THEY MUST REMAKE THEM!!!!!!!! i need new eragon movies to live. i finishedthe books (that i got for my birthday) and to entertain my self i read “The Gift of Knowledge” over and over again. I think i have read it at least five times through.

  129. dragons says:

    NEW MOVIES!!!!!!!!. brom was the same as i depicted him, and murtagh too.

  130. the HAMMER says:

    It’s true about the detail. Besides: think about the LORD of the RINGS, it you like fast moving: those are HORRIBLE for you, and I mean HORRIBLE!!! All that to say, that it could have been a lot worse. Did anyone else take that Christopher P. prank seriously?

  131. Erin says:

    nor did she look like she was described in the book

  132. Erin says:

    I also dont think arya was how she was described in the book

    • Firnen says:

      She was not supposed to look like that, you are right.

  133. Erin says:

    (anwsering “the HAMMERS” quisten) I think the book could of gone a little bit faster but the good thing about how long it was it was filled with detail

  134. Christopher P. says:

    I’m just kidding, this isn’t Paoilini, just a prank.

  135. Christopher P. says:

    Hey guys, I hear that I have some fans with questions on here! Let’s get started!

    • Gladyyy says:

      I don’t know if I understood you well Chris, but anyway I’ll ask about it.
      Is there any possibility to communicate with Nidhwals?
      Might be something with them in possible next book/s?
      They are related to dragons, so do they also hatch up from an egg?

      Your books gave me such a lot of fun, the best series of book ever. Thanks and keep it up! I’m looking forward to seeing Book V!

  136. the HAMMER says:

    It helps

  137. the HAMMER says:

    Thanks for the info man!

  138. the HAMMER says:

    Does anybody know how to post fan art on this website?

    • HJ Nam says:

      Just save image and post picture in the “Post”. There’s that picture thing at the left corner.

    • HJ Nam says:

      Like that

  139. the HAMMER says:

    Does anybody know how to post artwork on this website?

  140. the HAMMER says:

    Hey, is anybody still in this conversation?

  141. Dean says:

    I agree, but I don’t think that it was a bad change, on the part of the movie, do you know how to send in pictures?

  142. Erin says:

    the movie just went a little to quickly compared to the book which is a very slow moving read

    • the HAMMER says:

      Do you think that it should have gone quicker?

    • HJ Nam says:


      • the HAMMER says:

        Yeah, I can see that, you finally get to something worthwile by page 74!!! No book should take that long to get setup, be it Fantasy, High-Fantasy, sci-fi, STARWARS, or anything else

        • HJ Nam says:

          But that made it fascinating and it was less…. ephemeral than other books…. like Bartimaeus Trilogy.

    • shurtugal says:

      they killed the ra’zac bfore time and Saphira didnt just suddenly become an adult did she?!Murtagh and Brom and Eragon were ok but arya! no!

  143. Dean says:

    I think that the only character that they shouldn’t change is Murtagh, he was great.

  144. Dean says:

    Yeah, and leave it open ended too!!

  145. Dean says:

    The only thing about the Inheritance Cycle becoming a movie that stays accurate to the books, is that people may try to sue for plaigarism

  146. JCT says:

    Peter Jackson should direct the remaking of the first Eragon movie! It would be AWESOME!!!

  147. HJ Nam says:

    Well, obviously. One thing is clear: Neither Disney nor Fox should make an Eragon movie; that is a bad idea. I think Warner Bros might do this well, like they did with the Harry Potter movie.

    • Conner Hull says:

      I don’t know why we have to pay. I think that it will probally be used to help fund the new movie if they make it.

      • HJ Nam says:

        Ugh…. It makes no sense at all. But maybe it’s worth it.

  148. Kirby says:

    The movie compelled me to read the books. I would like to see a new movie, but of course it needs to be done right to please the readers.

  149. laure.brys says:

    i woud love a new Eragon movie!

  150. Conner Hull says:

    I would sign the petition, but sadly, I don’t have money to chip in.

    • HJ Nam says:

      Why is it that we need money to sign the petition?

  151. HJ Nam says:

    Yeah… agreed!!

  152. Yanick Marti says:

    Well I guess if Fox could get their heads out of their asses the could make this movie work, all it needs is good casting and money to make the special effects look they aren’t special effects. I hope they’ll try to make a movie out of this that would really be a dream come true..

  153. NinjaPiece says:

    Fox still has the rights? I would have thought that they’d expire by now. I don’t trust Fox to do a good adaptation. They had their second chance at changing my mind and failed with Percy Jackson. I’d rather any other company make it.

  154. Danielle says:

    I think that it would be extremely difficult for movie makers to capture the feel and the look we wanted them to achieve with the Eragon movie adaptation.
    I feel as though, if they were to make another film, they need to take time and relise how delicate and intricate the story is.
    There’s a huge opportunity to be had with this magnificent story, they just have to have the right kind of people to tackle the job.
    I don’t think making it into a Disney movie is appropriate nor do I feel like having marvels make it would be appropriate. I do agree however that Universal Studios should take on the story.
    I wish that Fox would pass the rights on.

  155. Jasmine Kitty Carroll says:

    I must be the only one who actually liked the actor who played Eragon. He looked almost exactly like how I imagined Eragon to look, and I think he played it well. But they definitely need to follow the books for this time, the first movie was a major disappointment. Seriously did not do the books justice, and that really sucks especially when people won’t take the time to read the books anymore. The movie is all they see, and the movies typically don’t tell the story well.

  156. HJ Nam says:

    It was horrible! And making it into a Disney movie???? That’s a bad idea.

  157. BlondeWookie says:

    Ok, for one, the first movie wasn’t half bad, but it’s a hard movie to make. Eragon and Saphira’s mental connection is hard to portray on the big screen, same thing with the telepathy. They would need to get a new cast, but for one, sell the rights to DIsney, thay would make it SOOOO much better

  158. Dean says:

    I think that they started it right but ended it wrong. I think…NO! I KNOW that Peter Jackson is the right candidate for the job!

    • Noah M says:

      hands down, peter jackson is your man

    • JCT says:

      Yes! PETER JACKSON!!!

      • Dean says:

        You know, they say that his company, along with Lucas Film helped with the 2006 movie, Eragon

        • JCT says:

          Then they should help remake the movie and fix their mistakes!!! XD

      • Alvaro Lopez Casiano Jr says:

        THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING!!!! I think he would put his heart and soul in it like he did for the LOTR and Hobbit movies.

  159. TheFoxkidd says:

    I would like to see a semi-decent director take the butchery of the first Eragon movie (if you can call it that) and mend the old sores. The cast wasnt half bad, i rather enjoyed House playing Brom and “that one chick from LOTR” as Arya. Could have done better with Roran, Garrow and even Galbatorix was a mockery of the evil, self-righteous man in Paolini’s tale. So, rope in a fresh cast, work on better graphics for Saphira and the Razac, oh and STICK TO THE BLOODY BOOK FOR YOUR SCRIPT! I could handle it if they snipped up the journey from Carvahal, but do the major point some justice, particularly the Varden and the flight from Gil’ead. And if the director gets a wild hair in his bum, leave off with the cliff hanger of the first bit of Eldest after the Battle of Farthen Dur.

    • Anastasis Gamvrellis says:

      Brom was Jeremy Irons and not Hugh Laurie from House and the actress who played Arya was never in LoTR. Unless you were being sarcastic in which case I take back everything I said

  160. Stacy Linette Richardson-Tenni says:

    Hire Peter Jackson or Del Toro to direct the movie, and a better screenplay writer. Both are masters at rendering the likeness of fantasy in unique and breathtaking ways. We’ve seen what they both can do, but if Christopher wants his charries to look as unique and believable as they are in his books, then these two are the men to seek and let them assist him (not take complete control over) his vision to find the right artists and special effects designers to make them come true.

    Then, the story… Study the books, talk to Paolini, sketch and resketch again! Don’t just run with what you assume the books and story is about – read it and find out for yourself. Paolini created a breathtaking series that deserves a director’s and the screenwriter’s respect. Granted, he was young and unaware of the sort of Hollywood Tyrants out there who take advantage of such in order to get their way (Yes, I’m talking about Fangmeier & Buchman), but in the end look what happened? You wasted time and money disrespecting the young author and dishing out a lackluster, misinterpretation of his work. As an artist and writer myself, I’m appalled that Paolini didn’t speak up sooner and allowed them to maul his work. And even more so that they were egotistical enough to believe that they could do better than his book in the first place! Nevertheless, their mistakes will become everyone’s gain – IF AND ONLY IF a suitable director and screenwriter is placed Second In Command with Paolini, and together they bring this glorious world to life the right way.

    I so wish you can keep certain actors in the new movie, but they’ll probably be too old for the roles now… Well, a few of them will still be just right for them… I’m not sure, but I would hate to see them now return to their roles from the first movie, for they portrayed the character well enough to keep their facade in my mind when I reread the books. Jeremy Irons (Brom), Robert Carlyle (Durza), Djimon Hounsou (Ajihad), Caroline Chikezie (Nasuada) – They honestly portrayed the characters they way I saw them in the book; wore them like a glove. Sienna Guilloy (Arya) I felt wasn’t truly the Elf type, and didn’t quite work for me being a blond… IDK, but the first scene when she appeared left a sour taste in my mouth – she wasn’t Arya from the book… Same with John Malkovich (Galbatorix). He just didn’t strike fear in my heart…or, perhaps it was just how the screenwriter set up his scenes – like a narrator explaining what the other side plot is doing while the action elsewhere is taking place. It was dull and lackluster, which possibly made Malkovich’s role look the same… IDK, but he didn’t seem like a king to me, or a dark Rider to be utterly concern about. Anywho, I would love the see my joyful list of actors return, or at least find suitable ones who can portray the characters as well as they did – in spite the horrible screenplay!

  161. Trey Raulerson says:

    if u ask me the movie needs a lot of work to be any thing close to the book and that’s all im going to say

  162. Noah M says:

    I think in order for it to be rebooted……..Marvel studios has to make it

    They can make poop look good

    • NieNie says:

      I disagree, as much as I love Marvel they are not always the answer and I think if they made it it would just remind me of Marvel and not what it should be.

  163. Daniel Anthony Herguth says:

    In love with Paolini’s books, but the movie NEEDS to be LIKE the book.

    • JCT says:


      • Dean says:

        Yeah, the books were real good, but some things in them are uncommunicatable

      • Yesenia says:

        True, and he should really get involved because this cannot have another failure and have the non-readers not realize the magnificence of the series.

        • Engla says:

          True. The movie is good, but it is not worthy being called Eragon. Some movies work being different than the book, but it was stupidity to make Eragon (the movie) before Eldest even came out!! Especially without consulting Christopher more. I definitely think the movie needs be like the book as much as it is possible.

          Really… feathers?
          Come on, Dragons are called Scale-Flappers (skulblaka) for a reason.

          • Yesenia says:

            It was made before Eldest came out? Well no wonder! If they’d have waited a bit more, none of this discontentment would have happened in the first place.
            I hadn’t realized they were feathers. So that’s why Saphira was so smooth. >:(

  164. The Doctor says:

    I fully support this Idea! I have a bunch of critics on the old movie, but im not going to go there.

  165. Jakob Gipson says:

    the original movie was ok, but make the movie more like the book and it would be awesome

  166. Dean Clark says:

    I wish Universal Studios had the rights! Haha.., but it needs a redo and bad! Lets get the whole series out!

  167. Hélaina Makkink says:

    I heard that an indie filmmaker has already a new entire script and storyboard, willing to go to C.Paolini and 20th century to get the rights to recreate the movie!

  168. pauleno2000 says:

    the movies wasn’t that bad but it was soooooooo disapointing

    • Dean says:

      It would be good as a stand alone, kids’ movie, but besides that…:(

      • the HAMMER says:

        It WAS a stand-alone kids’ movie, besides the stand-alone part

  169. Trinidad says:

    The best book of my life but the movie are very bad

    • Dean says:

      Yeah, except practically every idea of his is from something else. But as far as his technique, I agree with you.

      • the HAMMER says:

        I quite agree, don’t you Trinidad?

  170. Rachel Milgrom says:

    The link for the petition isn’t working. Where do I sign???!

    • Dean says:

      There’s an add at the top of the screen, i think that will work.

  171. Victor Manii says:

    apoio o/