Eragon and Inheritance Cycle Movies

It’s the second biggest question in the community: When will we see a new Eragon movie? Well…

Eragon Movie Petition
We have created a petition to 20th Century Fox, the Inheritance Cycle film rights holder, encouraging them to reboot the Inheritance Cycle film franchise! Support this message by adding your signature.

Will there be another Eragon film? We’re still unsure. The rights to bring the Inheritance Cycle to the big or small screen are owned by 20th Century Fox. While they have no current plans to reboot the series, they are open to the project sometime in the future.

What can we do to help? Let Fox’s new CEO/chairman Stacey Snider know how much we want to see Eragon’s adventures come to life! Write to her at Every fan’s voice counts!

When will we see the next Inheritance Cycle movie?
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