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Do you have a book or product you’d like our staff to review? Please email us at For all advertising inquiries, please browse the contents of this page or contact us at is a blog and community for fantasy and scifi consumers, consistently reaching hundreds of thousands of readers per month.

Our website and strong social media presence offers publishers and marketers to reach a unique, proven audience of fantasy and science fiction consumers with interests spanning all media types. Our visitors have responded well to learning of new products or media through articles, advertisements, sponsorships, and giveaway features.

We have had the distinct privilege of working alongside leading companies from various media industries, including Random House Publishing Group, 20th Century Fox, Vivendi Entertainment, as well as a number of smaller groups and independent publishers to market books, movies, video games, and miscellaneous products and merchandise.


  • Age diversity: 12% aged 13-17; 58% aged 18-24; 18% aged 25-34
  • 58% male – 42% female
  • 65% of our audience is from the United States (72% USA and Canada combined)
  • Major consumers of young adult fiction, fantasy/scifi film and TV

Social reach:

  • Facebook: 322k likes; 118k monthly reach; 14.5k monthly link impressions; 4900 monthly interactions
  • Twitter: 7,600 followers; 84k monthly tweet impressions
  • Tumblr: 2,600 followers
  • Instagram (NEW): 400 followers
  • Giveaways (Rafflecopter): 2,600 average entries (per giveaway)

Advertising opportunities:

  • Website takeover: Add to or modify Shur’tugal’s logo; take over the website background; replace all ad units
  • Ad unit buys: Individually or bulk purchase our various ad units, including our leaderboard, rectangle ads, and our wide sidescraper. On mobile, take over our header ad, in-article ads, and scrolling banner ad
  • Sponsored post: We’re happy to discuss your product, campaign, or event in a dedicated article on our blog. However, we are not willing to alter our opinions in reviews or opinion-based content and will fully disclosed the sponsorship in the article
  • Content sponsorship: Have your brand represented at the top of every article and content page with an image and call to action formatted to your liking
  • Sponsored giveaway: 
  • Event sponsorship: Have an event you’d like covered? Our team has over a decade of experience covering live events including conventions, exhibitions, film and book premieres, and more

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