Alagaësia Holiday: Brewfest!


Brewfest is the first community-designed Alagaësia holiday! Inspired by Oktoberfest and other holidays celebrating the fall season, Shur’tugal and the Inheritance Cycle community set out to invent stories, recipes, games, and more to make this holiday a true and organic part of the world.

Announcements Throughout the World
As Brewfest draws near, heralds and barkers spread word of the holiday’s impending arrival by posting flyers around villages, towns, and cities. From the halls of Tronjheim and the woods of Ellesméra, and even in cities throughout the Empire, children and adults alike brew with anticipation of the celebrations to come as decorations begin to be hanged. The barkers’ flyer promoting the holiday’s arrival and all that it entails can be viewed in our gallery.

Brewfest’s Lore: Holiday’s History and Storytellers’ Tales
Brewfest originated as two separate holidays meant to celebrate the fall season and the year’s harvest. The elves first began to celebrate the changing of the trees as fall began to take hold, venturing into the forests to celebrate the life within. The dwarves – well, their holiday is a bit more rowdy, loud, and entertaining. Over the years, humans began to pull from and combine the two races’ traditions to form their own Brewfest celebrations. Dragon Riders would travel long and far to celebrate, and their dragons always joined in on the festivities. Read the storytellers’ tales of the holiday’s rich history, stories of laughter, horror, and caution of a terrible evil represented in the holiday’s burning effigy.

Brewfest’s Drinks: Mead, Teas, and More!
From hearty brews to herbal healing teas, there is something for all ages to hoist in their mugs! The dwarves’ brews are known throughout the land and the elves’ magic-infused tea can be enchanting. Both are largely the source of the holiday’s merriment and fun. Thanks to the likes of Horst, Oromis, and more, we’ve compiled a guide, including stories, to some of Brewfest’s most renowned drinks!

Brewfest’s Foods: Black Jelly
Black Jelly is an… interesting… dwarven delicacy dating back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Either loved or hated – but never in between – this food is fermented for months before being used for a variety of applications. “Black Jelly is a delicacy among the dwarves. The cavefish that live deep in the bowels of the Beor Mountains are fished out from the springs, smoked and dried, then mashed into a paste, excreting a type of yeast that would make the greatest of brews boil in jealousy. The paste is fermented in a cool cellar for a time, ranging from a few months to centuries, depending on how strong a flavor they prefer — and, by Gûntera, do they like it strong! The paste, black as ink, has the consistency of thick butter and the taste of pure salt. The dwarves spread it on thick bread, stuff it in pastries, or eat it on its own. Not for the weak of stomach. Oddly enough, it is loved by Urgals, when they can get their hands on it.” Can you stomach this dwarven delight?

Brewfest Games: The Brewfest Cup, Elven Treeshaping, Urgal Arm Wrestling, and More!
Games are a core part of the Brewfest celebrations, with new ones being added each year and the old, “historic” games spreading throughout the entirety of Alagaësia. While many of the games have evolved in the decades since they were first enjoyed by early Brewfest celebrators, the spirit of each game has remained intact. Learn more about the games, how they’re played, and the rules participants must follow!