Alagaësia Halloween: Costume Guides, Pumpkin Stencils, and Party Ideas!

Have an Alagaësia Halloween!

Utilize our pumpkin carving stencils, costume guides, and party ideas to bring the Inheritance Cycle to your Halloween celebrations!

We’ve compiled the ultimate collection of templates and tutorials to help make this year’s Halloween a memorable one for Inheritance Cycle readers! Below you’ll find links to all of our holiday-related content, including pumpkin carving stencils, costume guides, and even themed party ideas!

pumpkin headerPumpkins are an iconic face to this frightful holiday. This year, Alagaësia-ify your Halloween celebrations by carving your favorite dragons into the front of a pumpkin using one of our Inheritance Cycle stencils, which also include the “E” logo, the iconic Eragon text, Saphira’s eye, and more!

costumes headerWhether you’ve been planning for weeks or are looking for a last minute costume idea, we’ve got you covered with our Halloween costume guides! Bring your favorite character to life with one of these easy-to-make and cost-effective costume ideas, including Eragon, Murtagh, Angela, Arya, Saphira, Fírnen, Glaedr, Thorn, the dwarves, and even Urgals!

party-ideas-headerThrowing a Halloween party for your friends and family? Why not theme your party around one of the races of Alagaësia? Transform your home into the murky woods of Ellesméra or the damp and dark caves of Tronjheim with Talita Paolini’s themed party ideas based around the six races of Alagaësia – elves, dwarves, dragons, Urgals, werecats, and humans!

Whether a glowing jack-o-lantern, an epic Inheritance-inspired costume, or a spooky Alagaësia party, we want to see it! Share photos and stories with us in the comments and tag us in photos on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for a chance to be featured on Shur’tugal!