A new Eragon fan site

I am pleased to announce that Shur’tugal has a new affiliate, Argetlam.com. The layout is cool, and it has good information about Christopher. Check it out!

Eragon the Game in the Making!

Eearlier this week, Kenneth Paolini mentioned information about an Eragon video game, as well as an Eragon RPG that are in the making. There is, as you have correctly surmised, a great videogame, RPG, computer game in Eragon. The Fox 2000 company (the movie studio) owns the games rights. There is substantial interest from the major …

Eragon Published In Italy

Eragon was published in Italy on April 7th. We do not have a picture of the book cover, so if you do have a picture, or know how to get one, please email me by clicking here.

Back Up and Running

As you all may have noticed, the site is now back up and running. You may or may not have noticed that many pages of content have been added and updated on the site. We hope you enjoy these pages, and do expect some more soon! An Email Signup page has also been added to the …