The Inheritance Almanac

the inheritance almanac introinheritance_almanacChristopher Paolini’s world of Alagaësia is a magical land, full of mysterious people, objects, and places-one that has captivated millions of fans across the globe. Now, with The Inheritance Almanac, those fans have a resource in the form of an A-to-Z almanac, where they can find everything they ever wanted to know about this fascinating world.  From Arya to Zar’roc, this is an exhaustive encyclopedia about the land of the Inheritance Cycle that also offers little-known facts gleaned from dozens of interviews with Christopher Paolini.

The Inheritance Almanac was written by Mike Macauley, founder and editor of The book, which is published by Christopher Paolini’s publisher and is an official companion guide to the series, offers a nearly endless wealth of information about the Inheritance Cycle and its characters, some of which cannot be found anywhere but in the book. The information was gathered from interviews, Q&As, and other sources, all compiled into one easy-to-read guide.

You won’t want to be caught on a journey through Alagaesia without your trusty copy of The Inheritance Almanac by your side!

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