These incredible fan-colored Eragon Coloring Book covers blew us away – and won!

We recently held a competition encouraging fans to print our exclusive black and white cover of the Official Eragon Coloring Book (still available for download!), color it in, and share it on social media using the hashtag #ColorEragon! As promised, we’ve chosen two “grand prize” winners as well as five random participation winners, all of which are featured below!

Important note: art is subjective. We chose our personal favorites and understand that your views my differ. We appreciate everyone who took the time to participate in the contest and hope that you enjoy their work as much as we did.

Overall favorite: Kamille_Tacos (Instagram), @kkmchickens (Twitter)!

Why we chose it: This fan’s color blending, stunning sunset, and use of light and shadows to add depth to the cover led us to choose this submission as our “overall favorite” winner!

Most creative: Christos216 (Instagram)!

Why we chose it: This fan’s use of unusual colors on Saphira’s scales and the landscape in the cover’s background adds fun and quirky visual interest to a cover that many of us colored “normally”… and that’s exactly why we love it!


Randomly chosen participation winners

These five fans will receive an set of autographed Inheritance Cycle goodies!

All other participants

These covers, featured in no particular order, are the remainder of submissions from the #ColorEragon hashtag on Twitter and Instagram! Thank you to everyone who participated!

The dozens of stunning submissions we received showcases a wide range of creativity and passion among our community. We appreciate each and every one of you who took the time to #ColorEragon! Remember: not being chosen as a winner doesn’t invalidate your work! Hundreds, if not thousands, of fans will now see and appreciate your art for the unique piece it is!

If you haven’t already, you can snag a copy of the Official Eragon Coloring Book (in stores now!) and join us all as we #ColorEragon! Be sure to share photos of your creations on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #ColorEragon! We’ll be featuring our favorite illustrations in the future, and who knows… maybe even more giveaways?!