Dragon Egg Hunt: Enter to win a heap of autographed Cycle goodies! [Ended]

Our annual Dragon Egg Hunt made its third return in 2017, dwarfing the success of our previous two events! Many of you scoured the site for the hidden eggs and entered our giveaway! As a show of our thanks for your dedication, we decided to add extra prizes and additional winners to each giveaway!

Our winners, chosen at random, are listed below. If you didn’t win, check the bottom of this blog post for details on more giveaways we’ll be holding in April and May! We recommending following us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, as well as subscribing to our newsletter, to be the first to hear about the giveaways.

Egg #1 Winners
Prizes: First winner – Autographed Eragon Coloring Book; Two runners- up – Autographed Inheritance bookplates

  • Coloring Book winner: Haley A.
  • Runner-up 1: Sam T.
  • Runner-up 2: Leisa K.

Egg #2 Winners
Prizes: Seven winners – a Christopher Paolini autograph pack containing art, photos, and bookplates

  • Victoria R.
  • Sav W.
  • Morgan K.
  • Todd G.
  • Patrick F.
  • Mille
  • Grace J.

Egg #3 Winners
Prizes: First winner – Autographed Inheritance; Two runners- up – Autographed Inheritance bookplates

  • Inheritance winner: Hannah K.
  • Runner-up 1: Katariina M.
  • Runner-up 2: Beatrice M.

All winners have been contacted via email and will have seven days to respond with their mailing address. If we do not hear back after the seven days, we’ll be forced to disqualify the winner and choose a new one.

We’ve embedded the original giveaway widgets at the bottom of this post for transparency.

More giveaways coming soon:

Didn’t win? Don’t despair! We’ve got a ton of giveaways headed your way soon, including:

  • Followers of Shurtugal.com on Instagram will have a shot at winning some cool loot!
  • Creative colorers will have a shot at autographed Eragon Coloring Books multiple times throughout April and May!
  • A new Egg Hunt coming in May!

Recap of the Dragon Egg Hunt:

For those who may have missed the hunt, here are the clues as well as their corresponding answers:

Clue #1: Throw on your space helmet, hop into your rocket ship, and get ready to travel faster than light to a new scifi universe! (Does a scifi novel‘s universes count? Of course it does!)

Clue #2: Some may refer to this egg’s hiding place as our website’s armory or storehouse, where we keep links to a collection of impressive tattoos, memorable weapons, and stunning fan art!

Clue #3: All of us were delighted to discover that another book will follow the Cycle’s first four installments. We don’t have a title, but we do refer to this next adventure by a nickname while theorizing about Angela, discussing Eragon’s future, and more!

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