Art from the Eragon Coloring Book revealed, & epic sweepstakes!

We’re just two weeks away from the release of the Official Eragon Coloring Book, a collaboration between Christopher Paolini and renowned fantasy artist Ciruelo Cabral! In an exciting update, Christopher Paolini recorded a time lapse video coloring one of his favorite illustrations from the upcoming book, Saphira and Eragon in Leona Lake!

Like the finished colored piece? Good news: you can enter for a chance to win a signed copy of the coloring book that includes a page Christopher colored! The sweepstakes, offered by Unbound Worlds, is only open to US residents. (Don’t worry, international fans: we’ll have autographed Eragon Coloring Books up for grabs in the coming weeks here on Shur’tugal!)

Would you like to take a bath? Eragon casually asked Saphira.

She grinned wolfishly. Hold on! She locked her wings and sank to the waves, clipping the crests with her claws. The water sparkled in the sunlight as they sailed over it. Eragon whooped again. Then Saphira folded her wings and dived into the lake, her head and neck entering it like a lance.

Be sure to pre-order your copy of the Official Eragon Coloring Book (just $11.35 on Amazon) before its release on May 2nd!