Halloween: Costume ideas and sets for Eragon, Arya, Murtagh, Angela, and the dwarves!

halloween-costume-elfHalloween is right around the corner, and what better of a way to get ready than to plan a costume based on your favorite Inheritance Cycle character?

In the first of two posts, we’re offering full costume and prop ideas for Eragon, Arya, Murtagh, Angela, and the dwarves! Our guides are specifically designed to be cost effective and easy to put together while still looking epic! Whether an awe-inspiring Dragon Rider or the serious Queen of the elves, we’ve got you covered.


The series’ iconic main character would be a hit at any party! This costume can be pulled off easily due to Eragon’s cheap “peasant” clothing worn during much of the series. Costume accents such as elf ears, a plastic sword, a belt with fake gems glued on, and more can complete the costume and have you looking like Alagaësia’s celebrated hero!

  • Brown vest or tunic (cutting a sweatshirt or heavy shirt could work) on its own or over a puffy aged white shirt
  • Light, loose, dirtied pants (use makeup, dyes or paints to dirty the pants)
  • Cut fabric or sweatbands as bracers
  • Make your own Belt of Beloth the Wise by finding a cheap belt at a costume shop or thrift store and gluing cheap, fake gems to the belt
  • A ring representing Aren (fake jewelery from costume store or thrift shop)
  • Elf ears (found at a Halloween costume shop)
  • Blue plush dragon – he must be with Saphira!
  • Plastic sword (from a discount Halloween store), painted either blue or red
  • Maps would help Eragon on his various adventures across Alagaesia, so consider printing and “aging” a copy of the Alagaesia map by soaking the paper in tea and burning the edges (be careful with fire!)
  • Create your own blue dragon egg (using our easy craft tutorial), or any color egg (representing the eggs rescued at the end of Inheritance)
  • Temporary tattoo for Gedwey Ignasia
  • Toy bow and arrows (from a costume shop)


Dressing as Queen of the elves and Alagaësia’s newest Dragon Rider will ensure that you’re the center of attention at your costume party! This impressive elven warrior makes for an epic costume and requires very little time and money!

  • Yawë temporary tattoo
  • Leather tunic (or black tunic made from a cut shirt or sweater) and leather (or black) pants
  • Cape/Cloak for travel
  • Elf ears (costume shop)
  • Bow and arrow (costume shop)
  • Sword (green), plastic and painted from costume store (if post-Rider Arya)
  • A white raven plush representing Blagden (if pre-Rider Arya)
  • Green plush dragon (if post-Rider Arya)
  • Blue dragon egg (from our earlier craft tutorial) if pre-Rider Arya


Dark, brooding, and misunderstood, this fan-favorite character will make for a dark look for your costume party! Using items found around the house and at a thrift shop, you can pull this costume together quickly and without spending too much money!

  • Long dark brown wig
  • Yew bow and arrows (found at a costume shop)
  • Belt and a white horn hanging from the belt (paint the horn with silver lines)
  • Red sword (found at a costume shop, paint red)
  • Worn clothes (loose pants, tunic or shirt with sleeves cut off, aged with paint or makeup)
  • Facial hair stubble (either grow some out or paint some on!)
  • Dark, sunken eyes (use makeup)
  • Red plush dragon (if post-Rider Murtagh)
  • Red dragon egg (using our earlier craft tutorial) if pre-Rider Murtagh


Angela the Herbalist, a mysterious and powerful woman in the Inheritance Cycle, could make an incredibly unique and exciting Halloween costume! We’ve pulled together several outfit and prop ideas that can complete your costume, all of which are cost effective and easy to bring together. Many of these items can be found around the house, at a local thrift shop, or at a discount Halloween supply store.

  • Long, very curly dark hair (wig)
  • If not dressed for battle, a peasant-style dress is appropriate (thrift shop dress)
  • If dressed in battle, pieces of clothing (found at a thrift shop or old clothes from a family member’s closet) styled black and green would work as the armor worn during her many battles
  • A staff of some sort – anywhere from a long branch from a local forest or a walking stick from around the house or at a thrift shop
  • Red cloak/cape, as seen throughout the series (thrift shop, made from old clothing or fabric bought at a local fabric shop, or found at a Halloween costume store)
  • Stuffed/plush cat (Solembum must be with you!)
  • Dragon knuckle bones in a pouch (small plastic bones can be found at a discount Halloween store), or herb pouch (with herbal tea bags or herb shakers), and/or a pestle and mortar
  • Angela enjoys knitting, so bring something half-knit with yarn and needles, and/or wear knitted hat/scarf to complete your outfit
  • Can’t forget Tinkledeath… a fake plastic sword painted white (with silver or glitter paint accents) would give the illusion of the blade’s unique diamond appearance

A Dwarf

Fearsome, fun, and short, these iconic characters will bring fun to any party! Whether you’re dressing as Hrothgar, Orik, or one of the many other dwarves encountered throughout the Cycle, you may find the following costume ideas to be of use. You can find more ideas and inspiration for your costume in addition to dwarf-themed Halloween party ideas on Paolini.net!

  • Viking helmet or a flat helmet (both can be found at a Halloween costume shop – see this photo for reference)
  • Going as Hrothgar or Orik? Pick up a crown from a local Halloween costume shop!
  • Dirtied and worn work boots from around the house or at a thrift store
  • Dwarves love their gems – deck yourself out in costume rings and jewelry!
  • Leather, fingerless gloves (make your own or find some at a thrift or costume shop)
  • Find a shiny silver shirt or similar item to represent “chainmail” worn by the dwarves in battle
  • Beard wig (or hair wig transformed into beard, both found at a Halloween shop – see this photo for reference)
  • Cut brown shirt or old tunic (using old clothes or thrift store items)
  • Large leather belt (thrift shops are a great place to find this sort of item)
  • Plastic sword, hammer, or pick-axe (you can also find these at a Halloween shop, and using paint to “age” and add to the weapons will make them even more epic)
  • Printed map of Alagaesia with dwarven runes written over it (the dwarven runes can be found on the Paolini’s Dwarven party ideas page!)
  • Big beer stein or tankard (found around the house, at a costume shop, or even at a thrift or dollar store!)

Check back soon for our second post focusing on the series’ dragons, werecats, Urgals, and more! If you make your own Inheritance costume, be sure to share photos with us on Twitter and Facebook!