Learn the history, see the swords, and vote for your favorite Riders’ blade! (Poll)

poll favorite rider swordThe blades of Alagaësia’s many Dragon Riders helped accomplish some of the greatest – and most wicked – deeds, from the salvation of many to the death of Riders’ at the Foresworn’s hands. Zar’roc and Brisingr both played crucial roles throughout the series, and Galbatorix was all the more formidable with Vrangr, the white sword formerly belonging to Vrael, at his side.

We put together brief descriptions for each of the blades that made an appearance in the Cycle. Below you’ll find a poll where we ask you to vote for your favorite Rider sword. You’re free to make your decision based on a variety of factors, such as appearance, bad-assness, and its great or evil deeds.

  • Brisingr: Throughout the first three books, Eragon lacked a true Rider’s sword, before seeking out the material needed to forge the sword with the help of Rhunön. Brisingr, which bursts into flame any time Eragon speaks its name, is known as the best sword ever forged. The blade is described as a blue rendition of Zar’roc, with a thinner grip and shorter blade.
  • Zar’roc: The crimson blade, originally of Morzan before being taken by Brom, given to Eragon, and eventually wielded by Murtagh, was responsible for taking the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, in battle.
  • Naegling: Oromis’ golden sword served the ancient Rider through the Fall of the Riders and his final battle against Murtagh, where the sword was knocked from his hands, leading to his downfall.
  • Islingr/Vrangr: This white sword was perhaps the most important and infamous Rider’s sword to have been forged. Originally belonging to Vrael, leader of the Riders, the sword was taken by Galbatorix and renamed Vrangr (or “awry”) after Vrael’s defeat.
  • Undbitr: Brom’s aquamarine blue sword, matching the color of his dragon Saphira, was lost during the Riders’ Fall. Speculation placed the sword in Galbatorix’s possession, and many believe the sword may have been recovered during the battle of Urû’baen.
  • Támerlein: The beautiful green sword had a storied history, first belonging to the elf Arva, killed defending Ilirea. Prior to his demise, the elf gave his sword to his sister Naudra to help her defend herself as she escaped to Ellesméra. Lord Fiolr, Naudra’s mate, kept the treasured sword for decades, and it was later reworked by Rhünon and given to Arya after Fírnen hatched.
  • Arvindr: Little is known about this Rider sword, although fans speculate that it may have belonged to the elf Thuviel. It now resides in the elven city, Nädindel.

One talented fan created 3D renderings of many of Alagaësia’s Riders’ swords:

You’ve read the backstories, you’ve seen the swords, and now it’s time to vote:

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