You can now buy autographed prints of Christopher’s artwork! Enter for a chance to win “Aren”!


The map of Alagaësia and the piercing eyes of the series’ dragons have accompanied us on our decade-long journey through our favorite fantasy world. These pieces, as well as the art featured in the Cycle’s various collectors editions, were all brought to life by the same brain that created the series: Christopher’s!

For the first time ever, some of the author’s artwork is being made available in high quality prints sold through the Paolini family’s official Etsy store. The prints, Aren (Brom’s ring) and A Dream of Dragons (Brom), are extremely limited – only fifty are up for sale! (The prints are numbered, autographed, and available for $29.95 each.)

To mark the occasion, we’re giving away one autographed Aren print! The giveaway is open to North American and international fans. Simply enter using the widget below by providing your email address and shipping address (both of which will never be shared or used for any other event). The giveaway will end on Saturday, November 21st at 11:59pm PDT and a winner will be chosen and announced in this post on Sunday, November 22nd.