Touring Alagaësia: Travel Guide to The Hadarac Desert

Ever wonder what it would be like to vacation in the realm traveled by Eragon and Saphira?  In a new look at the fantasy world of Inheritance, we’ll traverse the Alagaësia atlas, exploring different lands while planning a trip to each destination.

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Hail and Well Met, Traveler!

Welcome to the first stop on our tour through Alagaësia: the Hadarac Desert.  We’ll be providing you with all of the information and tips needed to have an enjoyable fantasy holiday!


Be prepared for hot, dry weather by day and frigid temperatures at night. But don’t let the climate scare you away! Deserts can be harsh, but with the right preparation, you and your companions will enjoy a safe journey!

If there is one sight to behold on a visit to the Desert, make it the mountain range of Du Fells Nángoröth, located centrally in the Hadarac stretch.  Known as home to the first dragons, this small range of mountains at one time housed disgorged Eldunarì energy stores of these ancestral dragons.

Visitors interested in extending their trip can venture east toward the Beor Mountains, seen on the horizon throughout the entirety of your journey. These mountains are home to the dwarves and various awe-inspiring beasts.



You won’t find any amusement parks or museums in the Hadarac Desert, so most of the fun you will have can be found outdoors.

We recommend exploring for lost relics of the dwarf nation that once lived in the heart of the desert! Before moving to the Beor Mountains, the first dwarves of Alagaësia found refuge within the plains of Hadarac.  Travelers tell tales of artifacts and treasures found buried in the sand among the rocks.

If digging in the dirt isn’t your idea of fun, why not take a desert tour atop a camel? From stunning natural landmarks to encountering and interacting with the land’s travelers, this adventure through the heart of Alagaësia is not to be missed!


Finding a good place to stay on your trip may be difficult… unless you know where to look!  Here’s an easy tip for shacking up:  find the shady spots.  Due to the heat and dryness of the day, most who stay in Hadarac Desert seek refuge of the shade in elevated areas.  Your accommodations will most likely be a tent made of goat skin, so don’t expect any lavish inns!


Unlike most vacations, you won’t want to rely on fine dining options to meet your needs on your trip through the Hadarac Desert.  We highly recommend bringing your own food and drink (and magic, if you are trained as such).  Water is a necessity, so pack plenty of water skins along with your travel belongings.  (And perhaps remember that every wine skin you pack takes the place of water! We understand having a good time, but when it comes to hydration…) No one wants to spend their vacation dying of thirst!

Bring plenty of food along in addition to liquid refreshments. Avoid perishables to ensure that any sustenance will not spoil in the heat!  Salted meat, dried fruits and nuts are foods that will provide nourishment while being easy to ration. Don’t rely on hunting to provide for yourself; there’s no wildlife to be found. (What little existed has been picked off by the dragons!)


Finally, who doesn’t like taking home souvenirs and spoils from their fantasy excursion?  While you won’t see endless shops peddling the generic tourist trap goodies, you will find some incredible local handmade jewelry… if you can manage to track down one of the nomadic tribes of the Hadarac Desert.  Known for their expert craftsmanship in creating elegant and ornate jewelry, the nomadic tribes may be willing to trade some of their wares for some of your own outlander trinkets.

And those buried treasures we mentioned under “Activities”? Well, they would make the best souvenir of all!


Our tour guides and frequent travelers have brought back many beautiful fairths captured and crafted by some of Alagaësia’s talented magicians. Have a look at what you could be experiencing:

Now we ask: What would you do during your vacation to the Hadarac Desert? Where would you like to travel most in Alagaësia?