New interview with Christopher: Exciting Book 5 plot information, sci-fi book revelations, “Adventures of Angela the Herbalist,” and more!

10-16 qa headerChristopher regularly interacts with fans via his official Twitter account, where he shares fun things he discovers on the internet, random musings, and cryptic updates on his latest projects. Last night, Christopher offered fans the opportunity to ask him any questions within a fifteen minute time frame and offered to answer as many as possible. The resulting responses contained some very exciting information on Book 5, two potential prequels, Angela, progress on his sci-fi book, a major revelation about the new book’s universe, and writing advice!

Here are all of his questions/answers:

Book 5

Book 5?
Yes, Book V eventually. Always intended to write it. Gotta finish the sci-fi book I’m on first, though.

Book 5: Will it be a prequel, spin off, or another Eragon/Roran book?
It’ll be a sequel. And you’ve met the main character already.

Will Eragon return to Alagaesia? Is it possible that it wasn’t his time to go – that he went too soon?
That’s a wonderful thought…. No comment. 😀

Are eggs in Saphira’s future now that she has -ahem- hooked up, so to speak?
Ahem. I would never talk about the private business of a lady dragon like that. But … perhaps.

Will you be writing more about the Urgal Dragon Riders?

Other Alagaesia Books (Prequels, etc.)

Would you ever write a book about the adventures of Brom?
Perhaps. It’s something I’ve considered. Would make a good book, I think.

Will we ever see the Adventures of Angela the Herbalist?
Heh. As long as I don’t kick the bucket first. Love her character.

Will there ever be a book about the Fall of the Riders?
Perhaps. It would be told from Brom’s point of view.

The Sci-fi Book

How is the sci-fi book progressing?
Writing is going well. Doing five pages a day right now.

Any hint as to when your sci-fi book will hit store shelves?
As soon as possible!!!!

Is your sci-fi book staying in the same universe [as Alagaesia] or is it a whole new universe?
It’s our universe but set in an imagined future…. WHOA!!! SPOILER!

General Inheritance Cycle Information

What is one thing you wish you could have added to the original Inheritance Cycle?
A little more time with Saphira growing up and Feldûnost in Book I.

What is Angela?
WHAT? I think you mean … WHO? Hmm. What does that remind me of? […] She’s not who you think she is.

Why did Brom have to die?
Because otherwise he would have kept doing things for Eragon, and Eragon wouldn’t have grown up.

Would you want the Inheritance Cycle (re)made into movies like Lord of the Rings? (The Eragon movie was a disappointment.)
Yes please. More movies!!! (Someone get on this.)

Miscelaneous Questions

Which is a harder genre to write in, sci-fi or fantasy?
Sci-fi, because the numbers can’t be faked… No wait, fantasy … Uhh. They’re both equally hard.

What is your biggest dream?
To tell the stories I want to, drive my enemies before me, and hear the lamentations of the trolls.

How many books do you already have completely planned out?
Uhh … (counts fingers) … 20-30?

Writing Advice

I never struggle with the beginnings or endings of my books while writing, but I always struggle with the middle. Do you have any advice?
Ask yourself what would logically happen next. Talk it out with friends. Write outlines. Keep asking questions.

Do you have any advice on getting my book published?
Read a bunch of info online, and don’t sign any contract without knowing exactly what you’re getting into.

I’ve been thinking about writing a book, and I have some ideas already. I just wrote some down in my notepad. Any tips?
Keep asking yourself questions and see how the story develops.

As always, be sure to follow Christopher on Twitter for the latest news, updates, and revelations. You’ll never know what he’ll share next! The Paolini family can be found on Twitter at @PaoliniOfficial, Angela Paolini can be found at @Angela_Paolini, and Talita Paolini can be found at @TalitaPaolini.

Now we ask: What answers from Christopher’s latest interview session did you enjoy the most? What do you think Christopher’s Book 5 answers are pointing to for Book 5 plots? Who will be the main character of Book 5? Which of Christopher’s other Alagaesia book ideas would you like to see the most? Let us know in the comments!