Last Week on Behind the scenes of the illustration of Brom’s ring, Christopher on his current project, and his favorite writers

aren-pnet-600pxThe first week of, the Paolini family’s official website, is coming to a close. With so much great content available on the website at its launch and even more added to the website and on its blog over the past seven days, we wanted to provide a helpful guide to be sure that all fans are able to easily find each piece of content.

Welcome to! – Christopher introduces readers to in a video message and blog post!

Welcome to the Writers Corner – The Paolini family explains what readers can expect from the Writers Corner, a resource filled with advice, tools, and articles exploring writing, world building, and more.

Christopher’s Current Writing Project – Christopher discusses his current writing project, a sci-fi novel, in a new video exclusive to their website!

Christopher’s Art Desk: The Process Behind the Illustration of Aren, Brom’s Ring – Readers are given a behind-the-scenes look at the process behind illustrating Aren, Brom’s ring! The article includes never-before-seen sketches, references, and more.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Christopher recently accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge… with a major twist! You can view the video on

Christopher Discusses His Favorite Writers – Christopher discusses many of his favorite writers in this blog post. Inheritance Cycle fans may find several great recommendations for new authors and books to explore.

Guide to the Paolini Family Social Media Accounts – The Paolini family has a large presence on Twitter and Facebook – this post brings it all together into one convenient location so that you can know exactly where to find those accounts.

The website also launched with a substantial amount of already-existing content which we recapped in a post earlier this week. However, we’re going to give you a recap of our recap! In a new essay, Christopher discusses what it was like to finish the Inheritance Cycle and begin new writing projects. He also discusses what makes a story interesting, offers advice and information on world building, give aspiring writers eleven helpful writing tips, and more (all found in the Writers Corner). Additionally, the Paolini family is offering a Newsletter. Fans who sign up get to see a never-before-seen piece of art from Christopher!

If you aren’t already, be sure to follow the official Paolini website on Twitter (@PaoliniOfficial) and on Facebook!