Lytherus Forums, the successor to Inheritance Forums, has officially launched!

Lytherus-Banner-1-blue-300x79Longing for the days of Inheritance Forums? You’re in luck! Lytherus Forums, the official message board of Lytherus and Shur’, is officially launching! The forums have been under construction for quite some time now, and we are very excited to say that the doors are finally opening. Lytherus Forums is the spiritual successor to the former Inheritance Forums, and we hope to maintain our history of a strong, active community and a wide array of discussion topics and forum activities. We encourage anyone even mildly interested in joining us to give Lytherus Forums a shot and sign up!

If you are unfamiliar with forums, we encourage you to come and check things out. Simply put, a forum is a message board where you can post and contribute to discussions on various topics. Registration is completely free, and once you have an account, you’ll be a full member of the forums. At Lytherus Forums, we offer areas to discuss everything that you might find discussed on and more! If you want to talk about the latest episode of a show you enjoy, discuss rumors about the development of a new video game, tell others what you thought about a movie, or go over the fine points of your favorite book series, then our forums are more than ready to accommodate you.

We also offer a dedicated area for discussion of the Inheritance Cycle — perfect for theories, book discussions, and more.

Lytherus Forums doesn’t stop at just entertainment and media-based discussion. We also offer potential members a wide variety of areas to enjoy, including an entire section of the board devoted to the creative arts. Are you an artist? We welcome you to come and show off your drawings or other artwork! If you’re more of a writer, you can get feedback on your fanfiction, poetry, or original writing in our Writers’ Hangout, or you could even try your hand at a writing-based Role Playing Game in the RPG forums. If you have an interest in talking about more general topics, there is even an area aimed at the discussion of everything from sports, to music, to political policies and current events!

We welcome you to come and join our community. Registration is easy, quick, and free, and once you have an account you’ll have access to a whole host of features and can get right to posting. Be sure to check us out at

Enjoy the forums!