The Deluxe Edition of Inheritance is officially on sale!

The Inheritance Deluxe Edition went on sale in stores across North America today, marking almost one year since the release of Inheritance! Following in the footsteps of the three prior Deluxe Edition releases for Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr, the Inheritance Deluxe Edition aims to provide a collectable version of Inheritance jam-packed with new art and content from Christopher himself.

The new set — which we will be running a review of shortly — features a letter from Christopher introducing the book and describing his work on the series over the past decade. The book also features an epilogue-like letter from Jeod, which catches readers up on some of their favorite characters as they live life in Alagaesia after the events of Inheritance. Additionally, Christopher made scene changes and additions throughout the book. You can also find two pieces of artwork drawn by Christopher himself alongside an exclusive fold-out poster of Shruikan painted by John Jude Palencar!

You can order your copy of the Delue Edition of Inheritance through Amazon for $19.79!