John Jude Palencar teases fans with a glimpse at the Shruikan poster artwork coming in the Inheritance Deluxe Edition

John Jude Palencar is known for his work in the fantasy, scifi, and horror art genres, and within the Inheritance community, is known for illustrating Saphira, Thorn, Glaedr, and Firnen on the covers of the Inheritance cycle. Today the artist announced in a blog post that he’ll be adding one more Inheritance dragon to his collection: Shruikan, Galbatorix’s black dragon! While the artwork won’t be featured on the cover of any North American copies of Inheritance, it will find a place within the upcoming Inheritance Deluxe Edition as an exclusive fold-out poster (confirmed by Christopher Paolini on Twitter).

Palencar’s blog post tackle’s the artist’s love/hate relationship with dragons in art and gives an in-depth look at his past (and future) dragon-based artwork. In addition — and perhaps most exciting — was a sneak-peek at the Shruikan artwork:

What do you think of the preview?

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