“Easter Eggs” Have Popped up in Inheritance Quest, and They Hide Some Interesting Book 4 Content

Many of you will remember Inheritance Quest, the Facebook game application recently launched by Random House to promote the Inheritance cycle. The game allows fans to play through five of their favorite characters in themed text-based adventures pitting readers (as the characters) against obstacles the characters have faced in Alagaesia. It’s a great chance to play in the shoes of your favorite characters… and now it’s a good chance to discover some hidden Book 4 content!

You may also remember that our very own Mike Macauley was highly active in the development of Inheritance Quest, writing much of the story and content you see within. He was also the individual behind hiding these “Easter Eggs” — and because of it, he’ll be extra tight-lipped in the comments about where to look! (But maybe you’ll get a few clues). If you’ve already played through, there is now a “reset button” on each character screen which will allow you to venture through in order to discover the hidden items or artifacts.

So what are you waiting for? Get hunting! (Please refrain from posting the revealed content in the comments once discovered — we want fans to have their own fun hunting it all down.)