Exclusive Interview with Christopher Paolini: Book 4 Revelations, Major Character Fate Changes, Hidden Titles, Shades, Werecats, and More…

Lytherus.com, sister website of Shur’tugal, has officially released part one of our interview with Christopher Paolini! We sat down for an extensive and exclusive interview with Inheritance Cycle author Christopher Paolini for his first fan-oriented interview since announcing the title and release date of the hugely-anticipated INHERITANCE (Book 4). The first part of our interview is jam-packed with information hinting at or impacting what we will learn in Book 4!

In part one of our interview, Christopher talks naming his final novel and hints that the name we see now was not his original choice; we learn that humans may not be all that they appear to be, at least compared to our view of humans; Book 4 will not need an epilogue, but he has not ruled out the idea of epilogue for a Deluxe Edition; details on one of Christopher’s favorite scenes cut from Book 4; the fates of several major characters have been completely changed from Christopher’s original outline; Christopher talks what he’d choose if he was forced to re-design each cover, revealing some very interesting information; lots of Shade back story and clarifications on werecats and spirits; gedwey ignasias… and more!

This is an interview you don’t want to miss — it’s one of our best interviews with Christopher Paolini to date!

View part one of our interview with Christopher Paolini over on Lytherus.com now!