Eragon Released as Fifth and Final Playable Character on Inheritance Quest

Inheritance Quest has officially launched its final playable character this week: Eragon! Fans are now able to play through Alagaesia as the de facto leader of the resistance and the only free Rider on Alagaesia. You are tasked with seeing Eragon through his initial training as a Rider, his bonding with Saphira, his battle preparedness, and more challenges along the way.

Inheritance Quest is a text-driven Inheritance Cycle Facebook game produced by Christopher Paolini’s publisher, Random House. The game allows you to play as five popular Inheritance Cycle characters — Angela, Murtagh, Saphira, Galbatorix and Eragon — going on quests, adventures, and tasks all in the shoes of each character. Our very own Mike Macauley played a large role in the game’s development as a creative consultant and co-writer and wrote a majority of the storyline and quest text you’ll see in the game.

Want to learn more about this week’s character addition, including some behind-the-scenes information and a refresher on Eragon’s character? Keep reading!

Normally we’d ask if you need a refresher on Eragon… but you’re on Shur’tugal, so do you really? Just in case, here’s an excerpt from The Inheritance Almanac:

Eragon, son of the Dragon Rider Brom and the former assassin Selena, was raised by his aunt Marian and uncle Garrow, along with his cousin Roran, on a farm outside the village of Carvahall in Palancar Valley.

Eragon was ushered into the ancient ways of the Dragon Riders by Brom, who had been hiding in plain sight as the village storyteller. When Galbatorix’s agents, the evil Ra’zac, came looking for the missing dragon egg, Eragon managed to elude them, but the Ra’zac still destroyed his home and murdered Garrow.

Eragon has become respected throughout the land, and his exploits are already the stuff of legend. He was adopted by the late king Hrothgar into his Ingeitum clan, and is a friend and confidant of the new dwarf king, Orik. Eragon has received the highest honor the elf nation can bestow upon an outsider: the ring Aren. Even the Urgals have a speciall name of respect for the young Rider: “Firesword”. Eragon has also pledged his loyalty to Nasuada, leader of the Varden.

Firesword. Shadeslayer. Argetlam.

Dragon Rider.

One would assume that Eragon would be the easiest character to write, as he’s the most prominent character in the books. You’d be surprised! Eragon was quite the challenge to write, as perfecting the voice, emotions, and abilities of the series’ main character is not something to take lightly. It was exciting to write quests and adventures for the player to experience as Eragon, and adding a bit more to the world of Alagaesia in our own special way was quite a treat.

Never fret though, the game is not yet over. Expect some updates in the future, though the game is done releasing new characters to play through. We hope you enjoyed playing the game as much as we enjoyed working on it!

We wish you the best of luck as you learn, fight and grow as Eragon Shadeslayer!