Q&As with CP: Solutions and Questions

After reading through the piles of feedback left for us regarding possible solutions for our Q&A dilemma, we’ve reached a conclusion. We also chose some great new questions from the questions submitted and plan to ask them during this Q&A. Join us after the break for a full breakdown of our solution for the Q&As, information on when this Q&A will take place, and a list of questions we plan on asking!Going forward, we will hold new Question and Answers with Christopher Paolini on a per-case basis following the below process:

  • We will continue to ask for questions once per month and assume that we will be doing one Q&A per month.
  • If a month comes along where there is a small amount of quality questions to ask, we will open questions for a second round. Because this takes up extra time, it may delay that month’s Q&A (like it has for this month).
  • If, even after our second attempt, we do not have enough questions for a quality Q&A that month, the Q&A will be postponed until the next month.
  • Months that have plenty of quality questions will go ahead as planned.

Just remember that whether or not we hold a Q&A is entirely up to you guys! We rely on you guys to submit great questions for us to pick from.

As for the 6th Q&A, this dilemma has obviously delayed us. We’re still aiming to get it out in April. We’re going to be sending the questions to Christopher for his answers and as soon as we hear back, we’ll get them posted on the website.

We went through each and every comment left for us in our feedback thread and although we didn’t call for new questions, many fans submitted questions for Christopher. We found a number of great questions in that bunch and have added them to our list of questions to ask in this Q&A. However, please note that we will only ask 10 questions in this round. The extra questions will carry over to future Q&As.

Here are the questions we’ll be asking in this round (any spelling or grammar errors are those of the question submitters):

  • Could you ask Christopher Paolini what are all the different elf houses and what do their names mean? I know of 6 houses (Drottning which means queen), Rilvenar, Miolandra, Trandurin, (Haldthin which means thornapple), and Valtharos.
    – JosephShadeslayer
  • Why was Sloan’s true name ommitted from the book?
    – Paraphrased question from Adza153
  • Last time Christopher Paolini said there would be complications if someone touched a hatched dragon before the chosen person did. I want to ask what kind of complications? Can they be fixed?
    How would the dragon react?
    – bumbumcat
  • In the chapter -Among the Clouds- in Brisingr when Eragon and Saphira stop at the edge of Fernoth-Merna Eragon notices the ruins of an abandoned castle across the way and gets an ominous feeling about it the exact quote is “The abandoned building seemed gloomy, ominous, as if it were the decaying carcass of some foul beast” Why does he get such a feeling about that castle? Who’s castle was it?
    – Guest123
  • If a dragon riders dragon dies dose the dragon rider remain immortal?
    – Priffarandas
  • I was wondering how people get the ability to use magic in these books? I know that Roran is trying at various times to get a pebble to float but cant seem to. Is it a gift given at birth? Does one have to inherit it from lineage?
    – Theendispossible
  • Shades. So far the have only been two Shades in the IC. Durza and Varuag. I’ve noticed that both were formerly human males and I though if any of the previous Shades had been something else other than a human male. More importantly, is it possible for a female human or both genders of the dwarves, elves and urgals to become Shades?
    – ShadowOfTheMoon
  • In Eldest on page 216, Arya tells Lifaen and Nari to enter Silthrim and inform Captain Damitha that “…that which she once hoped for – and feared – has occured; the wyrm has bitten its own tail.” What did she mean?
    – Valbrandr94
  • Of all the Urgal warriors (or clans) that exist in Alagaesia, how many (or what percentage) are currently allied with the Varden?
    – Baboo
  • Was there ever a case of a dragon hatching for someone who didn’t want to be a Rider?
    – Karan
  • Solembum has had multiple eye colors throughout the book, including black, gold, and red. Is it possible that this was in error, or do werecats have the ability to change the color of their eyes?
    – Paraphrashed question from Karan
  • Are you able to explain what the Floating Crystal on the island of Eom, as well as the dream well in Mani’s Caves, are and what they do?
    – Paraphrased question from JosephShadeslayer (among others)
  • When magic users store energy in an object (like the riders swords or other gems), is there somthing preventing other magic users from using that magic against them?
    – number1eragonfan
  • What happened to Tornac (the horse) after Murtagh was taken by the twins?
    – Roberttherider
  • How old was Brom when he died?
    – Feedme24601
  • Who were the three fighters who could defeat Brom, he mentioned in Eragon when Eragon beat him while sparring near Dras Leona?
    – KVSDheeraj
  • In Eldest Oromis said that Brom came from a family of illuminators. What is an illuminator?
    – AryaxEragon
  • Where does the energy that Wards Du Weldenvarden come from?
    – Tulkas
  • When Arya and Eragon were returning to the Varden after Eragon left Helgrind, a soldier said, ‘Unless we be searching for Murtagh. You heard what Morzan’s spawn said well as I did.’ What did Murtagh say?
    – Many people asked this question
  • Is Longshanks Jeod’s nickname or surname?
    – Multiple people asked this question.

Do not post any questions for future Q&As in the comments section. We are no longer taking questions. Any questions posted will be ignored.