New Recommended Fantasy/Scifi Library & Store

What’s the best thing to do while we wait for Book 4, you ask? Submerge yourself in more awesome fantasy, of course! We’ve put a lot of hard work into compiling the ultimate library of fantasy and sci-fi books, movies and TV shows that fans of Inheritance can enjoy during the wait for Book 4. All of the nearly six hundred books, movies and TV shows in our library have been recommended either by our staff or by fellow Inheritance fans.

Our entire recommendations library includes: Inheritance Books, Inheritance Gear and Merchandise, Eragon Movie and Eragon Games, “Other Fantasy Books With Dragons”, Recommended Fantasy/Sci-fi Books, Recommended Fantasy/Sci-fi Movies, Recommended Fantasy/Sci-fi TV Shows, and Advice Books for Aspiring Writers. All purchases go directly through, the internet’s largest book store, saving you an average of 25% on all merchandise (helping to support Shur’tugal at the same time).

Our new library and store is everything you could want during the wait for Book 4. Miss an Inheritance product (including swords, various book editions, games, cards, shirts, and posters)? Need a new book to read? Now you have access to all that and more, all in one convenient location. Visit the library here!

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