New features: RSS Feeds, Newsletter, Categories

With the new layout launched this past week came a host of exciting features. In our first highlight of our new and revamped features, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most obvious additions: the Book 4 theories and Brisingr discussion boxes gracing the bottom of the website; RSS feeds for news as well as Book 4 theories and Brisingr discussions; email news alerts for breaking news as well as our monthly news recap; our new news category system. Be sure to continue reading for a detailed look at these new features!Book 4 theories and Brisingr discussion box: You may have noticed the light grey box at the bottom of our content column. This box displays on every page and includes a live RSS feed reader for the Book 4 theories forum as well as the Brisingr discussion forum. The box displays the six most recent discussions for each of the two topics. By clicking on one of the links, you are brought to the thread on our official message boards. To participate in the discussion on the message boards, you will have to register an account… for free! Registration is simple and fast and by doing so, you’ll be joining nearly twenty thousand Inheritance fans on the world’s largest Inheritance discussion boards.

RSS feeds for Shur’tugal news, Book 4 Theories and Brisingr discussion?: Feed readers are all the rave in 2009. We have added live RSS feeds for Shur’tugal’s news as well as the Book 4 theories discussion board and the Brisingr discussion board. By adding any of these RSS feeds to your RSS feed reader or RSS-enabled internet browser, you’ll be receiving all of the latest headlines and discussions from If you are only interested in receiving Shur’tugal’s news in RSS form, that’s ok too – just add the Shur’tugal news feed. (Not sure what RSS is? Read up on it over at Wikipedia!)

Email alerts for breaking news and monthly news recap: We have added the option to subscribe to Shur’tugal’s email news alerts system to receive all of the Inheritance Cycle’s breaking news as well as a monthly news recap in your inbox! Subscription is completely free and we promise, your email address is shared with no one and you will only receive breaking news email alerts (for the big announcements, such as a book title or release date) as well as the monthly newsletter.

News categories: We have added news categories to our news system! Each post is marked by its specific category (or categories). Each category is clickable; clicking on the category of your choice will show you all news posts filed under that category, making it easy to browse our news by topic! The categories display below each news post as well as on our News Archives/Categories page.

Don’t miss out on any of these new features offered by Shur’tugal! If you have any questions or need any help with the above features, feel free to let us know in the comments or by contacting us.