Interviewing Christopher Paolini – Contribute Questions!

And out of the silence comes big news: the first of our interviews following the release of Brisingr with Christopher Paolini will be happening very soon! Like usual, we want you guys – the fans – to contribute the questions to our interview.

What do you want to ask Christopher about Brisingr? Have a theory to ask about Book 4? We want to hear it! We’ll be going through our long list of questions and picking the best to ask Christopher in just a few days!

To contribute a question, simply head over to this thread on Inheritance Forums and post your questions! If you haven’t registered an account there already, no worries, it’s simple and free to do so! Be sure to get your questions in as soon as possible, as we’ll be ending question taking late Saturday night. Questions posted anywhere but on Inheritance Forums will NOT be looked at for consideration.