LIVE from B&N in NYC!

We’re here in Union Square getting ready for Gerard Doyle to take the stage and read a few pages from Eldest. For the past hour or so, we’ve been eyeing the unopened boxes of books in giddy anticipation. Unfortunately, there are a few problems with the live feed, but the video will be up within one hour of the event. Just in case you lost the link, you can check it here.

Hope you’re as excited as us and that you’ll check out the video after it’s finished!

Update: Gerard Doyle is reading a brilliant excerpt, the chapter called “Inheritance”. His voice is amazing. Picture here… Other images in the gallery there too.

Update (11:51): “Please give a rock star welcome to the amazing and tireless, Christopher Paolini!”

Update (11:57): “There are two people here today that made a major contribution to me and the series, and I would like to introduce you to them: My Mom! Without her, Brisngr wouldn’t be here today…”

“And I am going to embarrass someone else, my wonderful wonderful editor: Michelle Fry is here. Michelle is the reason this book is half as good as it is, thank you Michelle”

He is starting questions soon!

Update: Question: What did you think about the movie? “I think it is fantastic the book was made at all, so few books ever made to film; just like the film is the film maker’s version of the story, the book is my version of the story.”

Update: “IT’S MIDNIGHT!!!!”

Update (12:02): Christopher is reading from the book! Won’t spoil it for you…

Update (12:05): The signing is beginning. More updates soon.

Update (12:19): Christopher has already been signing for about 15 minutes but only 3 rows have actually gotten through the line. They just started playing “Love Me Do” by The Beatles on the speakers.

Update (12:28): Christopher is still signing, but we’ve put our second batch of pictures online! Check them out here.