An Amazing BEA Day!

We know you’re all extremely eager to read our report today. We must say, we expected to be back a lot earlier than we are (just arrived). We have a plane out at 4 AM to San Fransisco, so we have a favor to ask of you – please bear with us over the next 12 hours or so. Hang in for a bit more on trip reports, pictures, and news. We desperately need sleep (so far, this trip has been lacking of only that) and we beg of you to forgive us for heading to bed right now.

Today was beyond amazing. We spent loads of time with Christopher Paolini, his agent, all of our favorite people at Random House, and some surprise authors as well! Our un-announced events included a huge Random House Childrens party at Dodger stadium (on the field!) including some huge authors we can’t wait to share with you tomorrow.

Thanks for being as excited as we are about this trip! We can’t wait to share our reports, videos, pictures, and interview results with you as soon as we arrive in San Fran!