Just when we thought we’d heard it all (Eragon snowboards, Eragon motorcycles, and Joss Stone as Angela…), Fox launches their newest marketing campaign (admittedly, an extremely amusing one) – Volksdragon. This campaign follows in the footsteps of the psuedo-BMW car ad for the movie pre-release. Following a brief introduction by a male in a suit standing in front of what you think is a covered Volkswagon Beatle, the cover is pulled off, revealing Saphira the Volksdragon and enabling you to customize your own Volksdragon, featuring mutliple color schemes (including polkadot), sound systems, eye patches, bunny disguises, Advanced Warfare Packages and more. You should also be sure to “watch the ad” by clicking the link at the top right of the Volksdragon.com website.

For those interested in seeing the site before using it, or just seeing the highlights, or for those who cannot access the site, read the full story for twelve image links.

Volksdragon Image Links

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