Eragon DVD Dispute

20th Century Fox and some of the largest cinema chains in Germany recently settled a dispute over the release date of the Eragon DVD in Germany, which had the theaters pulling Eragon and other Fox films from the big screen early as a way to “boycott” the early DVD release date.

Movie production companies always follow the same calendar, allowing a set amount of time between theater releases and DVD releases. Germany cinemas claimed that by releasing the DVD early, less people would come to see the movie at the theaters. The dispute has since been resolved and the release date of the Eragon DVD has been moved back.

We’d also like to remind all visitors that any Eragon DVD contents information, as well as release dates, floating around the internet right now are rumors only. Fox has released no information on the DVD release as of yet, and as soon as they do, Shur’tugal will let you know!