eBay Fan Art Fraud

We’d like to make our visitors aware of a recent Inheritance fan art scam taking place on the popular online bidding website, eBay. Various “online stores” have begun selling artwork by Kim Kincaid, also known as Fatty Lumpkin, as well as two other pieces from our fan art section as “prints” on eBay. Artists like Kim Kincaid are very hard working individuals who make a living off of art work prints and commissions, and when other people steal this work and resell it, claiming it to be their own, this is not only illegal but immoral. We have contacted both eBay and the seller regarding this violation. Shur’tugal has always and will continue to take all possible action to defend artists who submit their work to us. Authorized prints of Kim Kincaid’s magnificent artwork can be purchased at her personal website, located here.

We ask that if you see any auctions on eBay of unauthorized prints of Kim Kincaid’s or any other Inheritance artwork, as well as prints of artwork done by our other fan artists, that you please report these auctions to eBay as fraud and do not purchase from the store. Also, if you plan on showcasing your artwork online, we recommend watermarking these pictures so that others are not able to steal and/or resell your work as their own.