Happy New Year 2007!

There goes yet another year, ushering in good ‘ole 2007, with absolutely nothing planned to happen in the coming year. What can we look forward to? Possibly a book release, book title release, announcement of Eldest the movie? Time shall tell!

This year was quite the exciting year for Inheritance fans. For over eleven months, we were given the opportunity to watch the Eragon movie unfold. The Shurtugal.com staff worked endless hours bringing you news and exclusives, which we hope helped you enjoy your time leading up to the release. While the movie may not have been as close to the book as we had hoped, the movie still did fairly well in the box office, bringing in over $100 million world-wide to date!

So here’s to a great year to come, and we hope you’ll be joining us this year and for many years to come!