Staff Book Reviews

Shur’tugal has been given the unique opportunity to read and review all new Fantasy and Science Fiction books published by Random House and its subsidiaries. Because of the long wait time between Inheritance book releases, the staff of Shur’tugal are delighted to be able to recommend reading – or staying away from – other book options out there. Our reviews will be published in no specific pattern, and written by our senior staff. We hope to soon be able to take book recommendations for our page.

Our first book review was done for Drew Bowling’s newly released novel, The Tower of Shadows. Bowling’s novel, the first book in an epic fantasy trilogy set in a world of demons, humans, and evil wizardry, is bound to capture the imagination of every fantasy fan (and even some non-fantasy fans) alike. Centered around a fight between good and evil, one boy, Corin, must do everything he can to hide from, and eventually stop his brother from releasing an evil demon upon the world. This fast, action-packed adventured is recommended for those ages twelve and up, due to violence (though the book contains no sexual content or explicit language). Also note-worthy is Bowling’s age – he started writing the novel during high school. Bowling’s novel can be purchased here.

You can read this review (and soon to be others) on our new Staff Book Reviews page. Enjoy!