Making of the Eragon Movie Clips

Three new “Making of the Eragon Movie” clips have surfaced online, bringing our total of new movie clips to fifteen for the week. The first clip, “The World With Dragons”, is narrated by Ed Speleers and has interview clips featuring Christopher Paolini. This clip discusses the dragons in the Eragon movie and the relationship between Eragon and Saphira. The second clip, “Creating Alagaesia”, details the blue screen and CGI work that went into the making of the movie. The third and last clip, “Finding Alagaesia”, talks about finding the perfect filming locations and building realistic and breath-taking movie sets. More than one of the clips, “Finding Alagaesia especially, show one or more new scenes from the movie.

The World With Dragons Windows Media | QuickTime
Creating Alagaesia Windows Media | QuickTime
Finding AlagaesiaWindows Media | QuickTime