Even More Eragon Magazine Scans

Thanks to site Ed Speleers France, Shur’tugal now has obtained scans of three different multi-paged Eragon magazine articles, two of which are in French. The images can be viewed via the links provided below. Feel free to send any English translations in to us by using our feedback form.

“Premiere” Magazine (English): Page one, two, three.
“Movies” Magazine (French): Page one, two, three, four.
“One” Magazine (French): Page one, two.

Also, you’ll notice the addition of Shur’tugal’s new image viewer, coded by our very own Tim Bach (images done by yours truly)! The image viewer automatically resizes large photos, and allows you to click on the photo to view them in their original size. Once you’re done, you can click the photo once more to decrease the size. Enjoy!