New Eragon Scene on Harry Potter

Many fans have emailed in to tell us that ABC aired Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets today, and during the airing, showed an exclusive sneak peak at the Eragon movie. Unlike last time, where ABC showed us a new movie trailer, an entire scene from the Eragon movie was shown. Thanks to Shur’tugal fan Taylor, we have a (paraphrased) description below:

    The clip showed Eragon talking to baby Saphira about his mother, enticing her to fly. When she does fly, fiery magic envelopes her, and she lands as a fully-grown dragon. When she lands, she begins talking telepathically with Eragon (never having done so before) and immediately tells him that her name is Saphira.

ABC Family (different from the main ABC channel) is set to air the Harry Potter movie again today (Sunday) at 8 PM EST. We assume (though we’re unsure – fans have emailed in telling us, but we haven’t confirmed this) that the same preview will be airing again. If it does, we’ll be posting a video online shortly after. Be sure to check back! Thanks to everyone who emailed in with information!