Eragon Game Cinematics

Shur’tugal has received a video of some of the cinematics from the Eragon video game for PC/console. The cinematic, which is a cutscene (not playable – views as a movie between scenes in the game), shows scenes of Brom and Eragon as they journey to Daret, narrated by Ajihad. You can view the cutscene in various sizes and formats below.

Sierra Entertainment, the producers of the Eragon video game, informed Shur’tugal that we should expect a PC demo late this week or early next week. XBox Live subscribers can download an Eragon game demo from XBox Live (available now).

View in Low Quality WMP (1:49, 13MB)
View in High Quality QuickTime (1:49, 23MB)
View in Full Size QuickTime (1:49, 27MB)